MEElectronics Headphones

Very happy with my ear buds I bought on here last time - Happened to get a bad pair with a shorted left bud - Emailed the company and they asked me to send them a picture of the buds with the cords cut - They sent me a new pair immediately. I use them while motorcycling and snowmobiling and these work great under my helmets - I love having a remote that I can access while still keeping my device under all my gear.

Same price or more than Amazon here once you factor in the $5 shipping.

Got these a few woots ago. Perfect, and I mean perfect, for running.

I lurve these things.

Almost too much.

Tempted to get the purple set, as my company supplies purple earplugs, and I can listen to tunes on the sly. :wink:

Woot woot! In for two. :slight_smile:

Purchased the S6P a few months ago when I first saw it for $20. Works so much better for gym cardio and uphill running/hiking.

Friend likes it. I bought two this time: one for him, and one as a christmas present to someone else (starting early).

Ha! We all know that come July, when you can’t find your earbuds you steal your Christmas ones you’ve got stashed away!!!

Anyone know which devices are compatible with the microphone and controls?

Bought the S6P with armband a while back. Best sport headphones I’ve purchased to date. The armband was a pleasant surprise and isn’t half bad (while somewhat loose on an iPhone 5, the phone stays put during a run).

The headphones come with a protective case, extension cable and a wide range of earbud tips. The in-line controls are easy to find on a run and easy to use. They really stay put. I’d highly recommend them to anyone.

I know for sure that it will work on most Android phones, and I’m pretty sure they will work on iPhone too.

Bought the M6 which I gave to my girlfriend. They work really well and stay put in your ear. The sound quality is not great, so you have to decide which is more important to you.

The connector is a standard 3.5
The M6P model has a microphone in the cord, the M6 does not.
I agree with everyone else, these are really nice, at this price I’m temped to get a spare

I’ve looked at these on and off for a couple of years now for exactly the same reason, they look like they hug your ear better than most I’ve looked at. Thanks for the reassurance that they may work with my helmet. Now I just need to decide if I want the sport model, only for the short or long cable option, my Note 3 would laugh at that case.
Yesterday was the first real warm day in a long time, I changed my oil and took a nice long ride, I’m ready.

Got the M6’s during a previous woot. They fit VERY nice and stay put even during very aggressive runs.

BUT, the sound quality is absolutely the worst I’ve ever heard out of an earbud - even cheap dollar store ones.

If sound quality is not important to you, these work great staying in your ears. You just might not want them to stay there! Expect your music to sound like it’s coming through a tin can filled with cats in heat.

I’m no audiophile, and normally don’t mind lower quality phones, but these? These are bad…

I work for MEElectronics, why don’t you contact us at

Sport fi should sound very dynamic with enhanced bass response.

Can you tell me up to what size armband fits.Cant find anywhere.Biceps are 17inch so I’m wondering if it would fit if anyone can help please.That would be for the sport ones.

Has anyone gotten a shipping notification yet? I ordered these on the first day of the sale and they still say shipping now. Are they shipping from Woot or are they being drop shipped from the vendor?

They’re being shipped directly from the vendor so allow 3-5 days for it to ship out. They should be going out soon.

Mine say out for delivery now. I’m impressed too, they shipped to Virginia from California…

Really? Mine is still showing as to be shipped (no shipping notification).

Did it ship via FedEx or UPS?