MEElectronics Headphones

Bought the Atlas phones a while back somewhere else, good sound and comfortable. Might get another pair.

What’s wrong with that lady’s face? Is she one of those Odos from Deep Space Nine?

The Atlases (Atlai?) are well reviewed:

Amazon - -

I’m in for one.

I have the Atlas Sky, unfortunately the photos do NOT do them justice. I did a video review on the mothership that shows it a little better. But seriously, ya gotta see 'em in person. They are amazing.

After having purchased the Matrix from Woot, I bought my Dad a pair of Ventures. The Matrix have the best sound of any bluetooth headphones I’ve ever used, and that’s quote a few. They are a little bass heavy, but not like Beats, and not in a way that compromises the detail of mids and highs like the Klipsch do. I have 2 complaints. They don’t stay on my head very well while I’m moving around at work, and they use the less common mini USB charger as opposed to the micro. My Dad loves his ventures and uses them every day along with a Bluetooth TV transmitter so that he can crank up the volume without disturbing Mom. The comfort and build quality of both pairs are very good, and at these prices they are an even better value. If I could pay just one more compliment, it would be to Meelectronics customer service department. Who actually tried to convince me to buy the Ventures over their more expensive Matrix model, because of the similarities between them.

I have two sets of these headphones, M-Duo Dual Dynamic Drivers w the Mic. The sound quality with the double bass is great. The price here is very good.

What I really appreciate is that they didn’t photoshop at all the model’s face.

So these “MEElectronics A151P Balanced Armature In-Ear Headphone with Inline Microphone and Remote” are $38 + $5 here, but a whopping $43.35 over at Amazon! That’s what I call savings!

Woot has reacted to your comment by contacting Amazon, who in return raised their price by a couple dollars making this an even better deal!

Ha! (Though still showing up as $43.35 on my computer this morning.)

They reacted to my comment and lowered their price again. Deals over folks, savings vs Amazon are greatly diminished again.

I’m sure she’s beautiful under all that make up and airbrushing.

I was wondering that also…

Actually it looks more like a mannequin than an airbrushed face.

agreed – Woot loves everything that is airbrushed in the world…

Just ordered two of the Air-Fi Ventures for my kids. I already have a pair I use on a daily basis. They are great. The battery life is really long and the sound is pretty good. They are sturdy and I don’t have any problem with them being uncomfortable. The only drawback is I have trouble sometimes connecting with my usb bluetooth adapter, but that could be the adapter and not the headphones. For the price, you’re not going to get a better pair of bluetooth headphones.