MEElectronics Headphones

I would very much recommend against the basic Bluetooth headphones they have here. Yes all those color options look pretty, but the headphones are some of the worst I’ve had.

The sound is OK, but what I hate is the fact that they will not stay on my head at all. It’s like they made the pads with the most friction-less material known to man.

I have a pair of these MEElectronics RX12 In-Ear Headphones - Red the fit is ok but they are my least favorite. The cables get hooked on everything the length of cable on each ear seem very long before it joins together and there is no slide or clip. They also don’t fit my apparently small ears as well as my old skullcandies and after awhile become uncomfortable.

I also own a pair of MEElectronics Air-Fi AF32-RB Stereo Bluetooth Wireless Headphones with Hidden Microphone - Black/Red. I use them at my desk with audible on my nexus. They are probably comfortable but I wear glasses so can’t stand the headphones for longer then 4hrs because the glasses dig in. The battery seems good, I have had it running for 6hrs atleast without issue. I have a skipping problem sometimes, that I can only fix by rebooting the Nexus 7 so not sure if it is the headphones, but I have an iLuv bluetooth speaker that normally recovers after a skip or two without a reboot of the tablet so not 100% sure where the issue is. I was able to use the headphones everywhere in my house without issue, but I have a small house with an open concept. Have never used the mic or listened to music on the headphone, the skipping with audible books would leave me doubtful on music though, but if the issue is the Nexus 7 of the application maybe everything would be fine with music.

I own the M-Duo Dual Driver In-Ear Headphones. The sound signature may sound cold and thin in the beginning but give it about 50 hours of play time and it will become a little warm and full. Bass has good impact and the treble has energy. This may annoy those that are sensitive to sibilance.

The cord is very long (about 6" longer than my other earphones). I am 5’7" and I had to wind it three times into a small loop and wrap a velcro strip to lessen the slack.

The build quality is top notch with great strain relief from the earpieces and the L-plug.

The M-Duo is perfect for Rap/Hip-Hop/Electronic because of its strong, but not overwhelming bass and sparkly highs.

Just wanted to comment on here since I bought a pair of these when they were on sale at Woot! previously.

I really like them. They sound great, and easy to pair (the first bluetooth device I’ve actually been able to pair easily), the battery life is excellent, and they are a relatively good value compared to other headphones in this price point.

Good sound
Adjustable (big Pro for big-heads)
Good battery life
Easy to pair with devices
Good Volume

Balance: The amount of passive noise that gets through each headphone is uneven, probably due to the electronics/battery being housed in one headphone versus the other. As a result when you first put them on it feels like one cup is “empty” and the other is “full”. This sensation only lasts a few minutes for me though and I can’t really tell after the music plays.

Cable: While the cable lets you charge via USB while you listen to music, it’s a USB to 3.5" jack cable, not MicroUSB, so if you lose that cable there’s no way to charge the headset. Don’t lose that cable!