MEElectronics Headphones

Unless I am missing something, the RX12P are a dollar cheaper at Amazon…

Yes and I just ordered and with Prime, no shipping. For 7 bucks total, these are worth trying. At $12, not so much.

For what it’s worth (probably not a whole lot) I got a pair of the RX12P’s in a BOC earlier this year (new in box) and they were complete garbage. They even would build up static charge and zap my ears. Totally not cool.

The air-fi ventures were also 50$ on amazon last week. SO has been wanting a pair of BT headphones and had them in my cart when they were 100$ and when I went to checkout a few days later they dropped in half.

So if your iffy on them might want to just watch amazon’s price

also this makes Woot’s list price so misleading…
Amazon says $9.99
come on Amazon owned (sort of) company check Amazon first, now I’m having a harder time believing certain deals

I have the EDM’s, in purple, no less. They are outstanding in every way. The slight curve fits in your ear naturally and they don’t fall out.
I bought on the mothership and reviewed them. If you need a gift for a 20 something (or younger) and want to be the coolest aunt/uncle/parent ever, get these. They come in an uber fun box with case AND a silicone bracelet.
They will be amazed you know what EDM is.
Oh, and if you listen to EDM, these will make the most of high BPMs and multi-layered music.

they already broke. they were too heavy and kept falling out of my ears. fail