MEElectronics Headphones

Hey gang,

Pardon me for picking nits, but them aren’t headphones, them are earbuds. Headphones are them there thangs that clamp over your head, not stick in your ear like some cotton swab that got stuck. Kind of like the difference between wearing a Speedo and a wet suit.

OK, I’ll nit pick then…

Do a search for “About this brand/manufacturer” on the main product page. I’m pretty sure someone at Woot! forgot to fill in a few fields.

The $17.99 earbuds have exactly the same specs as the $29.00 ones. Am I missing something? What makes the other one more expensive? Somebody, anybody?

There’s not a single pair of earbuds on that page.

2 thumbs up for MEElectronics stuff.

I am also a bit let down there are no “headphones” listed. My wife has MEElectronics Atlas phones, they are fabulous and I’d love another pair.

Oh, and, Woot, sorry but you overlooked the “About this brand” part of your webpage template… just a friendly reminder. Love ya!


Dude… what is that in your avatar??

Yes! The EDM are set (or ‘tuned’, if you will) for EDM, Electronic Dance Music.
I have some MEElectronic 'phones, including the EDMs, and if you listen to dance, trance, or any genre with higher BPMs, you can tell the difference.
Also, if you’re giving as gift, they are packed and presented in a way that will totally rock any club goers world, right down to an iconic PLUR silicone bracelet.
If you give them to anyone under 25, you will be the absolute coolest person ever. If you are any age and love dance or trance, you will love them.
I have purple. They sound better than my Beats and were a lot cheaper.

Dual Armature are 5 cents cheaper on amazon not including free shipping for prime users. $5.05 cheaper.

Havent tried these but I’ve owned dual armature buds before ( pro 5) and they blew me away. They have 2 speakers in each bud (instead of 1) usually one is dedicated to low (bass) frequencies while the other is tuned to med and high frequencies.