MEElectronics In-Ear Sport Earbuds

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MEElectronics In-Ear Sport Earbuds
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Cnet Review

Time to check out the product page

MEElectronics Headset Compatibility guide shows what devices should work with the mic/remote on the M6P or S6P.

Bought a pair a year ago, they’re great while moving, very little sound from the wire, but the ear pieces come off really easily. Lost one or two removing them from my pocket.

the earbuds does not have a ringed groove, thus their ear jellies held strictly by friction. The triple sealing jelly seems to get snagged much easier than the regular ones, so much more likely to get lost.

I’ve been using a pair of the clear M6 headphones at the gym since December 2010. They work really good at keeping the extra noise out and stay in my ears without too much trouble. I can keep them in for long periods of time without noticing them. I use the tree shaped tips for a tighter seal. The negative that I would give them is appearance. After years of use, sweat and dirt have worked its way into the plastic that creates the earhooks and are now yellow/rust in color. Not noticeable to others and doesn’t affect sound. If I was to purchase again, I would get a pair that has color so I don’t see the discoloration.

I like 'em. I use a set of 3M Peltor earplugs as replacement pads they’re tighter and cheaper than the OEM replacements. rip out the orange cord and hard plastic on the earplug and trim off the end flange it’s hollow and fits on a bunch of ear buds, Koss, Klipsch, MeElectronics and Jlab… and they’re comfy and are excellent at noise reduction.

As others have stated, the noise reduction and sound are great… however, you are pretty much guaranteed to lose a few of the earbud attachments. They fall off when taking out of your pocket, when in a gym bag with other clothes, sometimes when just pulling out of your ear, etc. I can no longer use the best buds (3 tier tree shape) since one popped out during travel.

Good review, I’ve had the clear ones for a little over half a year. I’m picking up the white ones since I fear the staining you’re talking about. Besides the sound is decent & it’s the best fit I’ve ever had with any in ear headphones. Love the mic & volume control.

A reviewer on the Mother-ship claims the case fits a Galaxy S4: can anyone confirm?

Also, whats the difference between the M6 and M6P?

M6P has a mic.
I have a set and used them while riding the mover for 2-3 hours once a week for the past few months. Have worked well for me.

Can’t decide between the M6 or M6P. Also, if you have Prime, you are only saving $1 on the M6.

Which is why I just ordered mine via Amazon and it will be here tomorrow. I’ll pay the extra $1 to have the product here in a day or two. Sometimes the Woot Vendors can take a few days before they even ship the item.

As far as I can tell, only the S6P model has a volume control – not the M6 or M6P. Can someone who owns one of the M6 models please confirm?

From Mee’s site: the The M6 (Yay for the shot of the Sansa Clip!) No mention of volume control. The S6P – no Sansas to be seen, yes to volume control.

Good point. With the S6P models, the red is only $2 cheaper here, after you throw in shipping. (Though the green is $35 on Amazon, so a full $5 savings for the Woot.)

Very spooky Woot, just this morning I dusted off the old rowing machine and thought how nice it would be to have some headphones just like these, with armband and all. Hmmm…

From their website the M6P clearly has the microphone and volume control. Woot’s picture mistakenly says M6/M6P for the picture of the coiled up cord.

Also see the features tab on the Woot page which breaks down the differences between the models. The S6P model has the arm band and breakaway cord and is more sweat resistant.

There’s also this handy chart graphic on Amazon for a feature comparison.

I got a set of the M6’s for myself and my girlfriend last time they were available here, and they’re great. Only thing to watch out for: the plug end is really bulky and may give you some trouble. I have to take the bumper case off my Nexus 4 to plug in these headphones.

Thanks for those links and for pointing out the volume control. I am now considering the M6P.