MEElectronics In-Ear Sport Headphones

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MEElectronics In-Ear Sport Headphones
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Size matters! What are the actual interior measurements of the phone case? If my ginormous phablet won’t fit in there I’m not in for any…

(Nexus 6, anyone?)

I’ve owned two pair of these and I’m very pleased with them. The first pair I had for just over a year. I had to replace them when part of the plastic on the mic/volume control came off and was lost. They still worked, but I was afraid that sweat would get in the volume slider and corrode it. I had no hesitation buying a replacement pair. I had the first pair for about a year and a half. The current pair have been in use for about 6 months.

The sound isn’t something that you’ll brag about. Bass isn’t going to rattle your brain into a jellied mass, and overall sound isn’t rich like you’d expect with a full sized headphone. But, I bought them for running, biking and working out. I didn’t buy them to be an audiophile snob.

Sweatproof? YES!!! I’ve worn them training for, and running, a marathon. I wore them for some long runs in the hottest part of a Texas summer. Sweat pours off of me like I’m standing under a shower. These headphones stand up to that and keep going.

Yes, they do work with and iPhone and control the volume, skip, repeat, and pause. Also work well for answering phone calls. The wind will affect the phone conversation but not anymore than wind will affect any microphone.

I’m going to buy 3 pair, this is a great price and I can’t pass up the chance to have some of these in reserve.

Will the remote functions work with a Samsung Galaxy? What about An old-school ipod?

*“The S6P includes a modular cable system and comes with a touchscreen-compatible sports armband for devices with screen sizes up to 5 inches”

“Touchscreen-compatible universal sports armband fits most phones and media devices.”*

found at this amazon page:

From our features…:tongue:

I do a LOT of running and went through 4 or 5 pairs of headphones in my first year (ok, I sweat a lot too). Bought a pair of these and they lasted a year and a half…through half a dozen half marathons, a marathon, and half ironman training.

I thought I’d be fancy and buy some expensive ones to replace these when one side died… big mistake. They just didn’t work for me.

I won’t buy any other headphones now. These fit me perfectly without falling out of my ears, have good sound, and perform exactly as I need…they don’t get destroyed from sweat and rain. I love 'em.

I received the package yesterday. The armband is pretty decent, it seems to hold an iPhone 5 securely and the touchscreen works fine.
The earbuds are terrible! They fit well, and don’t fall out, but the sound quality is REALLY BAD. Perfect for spoken word podcasts, but listening to any kind of music on these makes me grind my teeth. Part of the reason for the poor quality is the badly designed volume control. It’s not a pair of buttons, like most in-line volume controls. It’s a slider. This slider does not control the phone’s output volume, rather, the signal passes through some in-line potentiometer which attenuates the sound.

I wanted to add a comment in case these ever come back. Bought these in March and they are dead three months later. Something in the slider mechanism/control button failed so that it is constantly trying to skip forward and backward between songs on my iphone. That is when I can actually get the slider in a position where I get sound out of them.

Same deal as Kramer. I came back to post after these junkers died. First, on the ear bud where the two plastic pieces are attached broke and the bud split in two. A little glue fixed that but a few weeks later same problem as Kramer. The slider shorted and would keep launching the voice control on my iPhone. Shame, even though the audio quality wasn’t great, they were good gym headphones as they stayed put and were comfortable while running. -1 star.