MEElectronics M-Duo In-Ear Headphones w/ Mic

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I don’t have this specific model but do have 3 other MEElectronics headphones. So far, I’m impressed. They are probably the best bang for the buck in terms of looks, build and sound. In terms of looks and build, they don’t look cheap at all – not even the $15 ones often seen on Woot. The metallic ones are metal throughout, not just chrome colored plastic. None of the three have broken yet, despite the fact that my cords are usually tangled.

Most important, of course, is the sound. They have a pretty decent flat response, not accentuating any specific frequency. The mids and highs are pretty good for the price. Unfortunately, bass afficionados may find it lacking since it doesn’t especially boost lows. That’s usually good for low price headphones because the heavy bass can overwhelm and muddy the mids and highs.

I found it helpful to burn in the headphones, but some experts say that burning in isn’t necessary. Can’t hurt though. Simply plug them into a sound source and blast the music you listen to most – WHILE THEY’RE NOT WORN. Make it loud because your goal is flex and loosen the diaphragm and armature to fit your type of music. Let this run for about 24 hrs. Many listeners hear an instant improvement.

This may or may not be Germain to the conversation, but it speaks to MEElectronics’ technical savy when it comes to making outstanding headphones. I own MEElectronics Air Fi Runaways which are an outstanding pair of BT headphones, with the highest rating for the number sold I have ever seen, avg. 4.3 stars w/831 reviews! Between my experience with these headphones and the excellent reviews by so many others, I think any headphones made by MEElectronics should be given serious consideration as to it’s build and sound quality. Just one person’s opinion.

I agree with burning in. The process definitely improved the sound quality, over the initial audio quality, on a pair of JBud J6Ms and a pair of House of Marley ear buds! Neither of these are top end cans, but maybe they are the type most likely to benefit from a burn-in process.

I consider myself to be a rather tough critic when it comes to headphones/earbuds. I can’t say much about this company’s products that hasn’t already been said. They have an excellent price to quality ratio. I would add that in addition to the overall great products this company sells, the company itself stands behind its products with excellent customer service. They care more about finding the right product for a customer than they do about making money. This was evident when they recommended the Venture over the Matrix. As for their earbuds, I’ve never had a reason to contact them, because they haven’t failed at in the many months that I’ve owned them.

A bonus is that it comes with a hard case and lots of silicone earpieces to fit almost any ear. It even has the one double-flanged ear tip, and two triple-flanged tips. I prefer the flanged tips because they go deep into the ear for improved isolation, vibration transmission, and secure fitting.

I’m probably going to buy these anyway since its such a great deal, but I’ve been looking at in ear headphones and have been looking for a pair with volume control and mic that works with the iPhone. So a three button setup. Do these have that or just the one button for the mic? I was originally looking at the Klipsch S4i Rugged but these so look like a better deal even if I have to sacrifice the volume controls.

Please note that my review is for 3 other models. My comment about the bass, for example, probably isn’t applicable to this M-Duo because it has a dedicated subwoofer. Sounds like like the bass might be better than what I’m used to.

According to the official product page, it is compatible with the iPhone:

The M-Duo allows hands-free use of your smartphone or tablet with a high quality inline microphone and remote. Control media and calls without the need to touch your device.
Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, most Android phones and tablets, Windows phones and tablets, MacBooks, and many laptops.

Can someone help me with this question concerning running with these ear buds?

Are these headphones good for running? My ear canal has always been tough to fit ear buds and I constantly have a problem with in ear headphones falling out when I go out for longer runs.

Tip: Immediately throw away those slippery, made-to-fail earpieces and make your own:
[]Buy some foam earplugs from Home Depot (softer is better, and they have bags or 20 or so for $5)
]Cut it in half because they’re pretty long.
[]Use a pen or blade to poke a hole through the middle
]Slip it onto the speaker
These things last forever, are incredible comfortable, block outside noise, fit every ear, and cost a hundredth of replacement silicone earpieces.

It comes with a variety of silicone earbuds, so there’s a good chance one set will fit you.

In for one. I’m really glad I passed on those Monster headphones on the main Woot! page the other day, these seem like they’ll be even better for the same price.

You might want to consider something that loops the wire up and around the ear like Meelectronic’s M6§ or S6P. the S6P comes in 2 colors (red or neon green) and an arm band for your music player. The § indicates a mic with single button use and a volume slider.

The M-Duo has a single button for [play/pause/call/hangup/forward/backwards] but no volume change.

As for burn-in, for me, these improved in that the sound became warmer (a slight mid bass increase). I think the reason is that the separate bass dynamic driver needed a little time loosening up to fill the in-between the two drivers.

Thank you very much! I appreciate the tip. I will look into it.

You could get the Diesel Vektr earbuds. Same Price - greater discount… Here at woot:

They have a great design, and an iPhone compatible control talk version.

That’s not what I was asking. I know it works for iPhone. I was just asking if it was a three button or one button remote. Sometimes the product descriptions on these in ear headphones can be ambiguous, as this one was. It looks like my question was answered further down the thread though. Thanks though!