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MEElectronics M6 In-Ear Sport Earbuds [New] - $17.99 + $5 shipping

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I own these, and they are ridiculously good for the money. Well worth the $45 I paid for them. If you want IEMs, you’d be crazy not to try these at this price.

alaTest reviews

I think I’m in for 1. Or maybe 3. Still deciding. Anyway, I like the reviews. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Went in for two.

Head-Fi reviews

I have the M9 version which use the same driver, these are a insanely great deal, they sell for 50 from the manufacturer, I was about to buy a pair from them when I checked woot because it just turned midnight. I got two pairs of the M6’s for less then the special they have for a pair of the M6 + M9.

how r these compared to bose?

I own shure se530 and UE triplefi 10pro earphones, but I still want to try this one. Am I nuts?

do these have a microphone?

You can’t go wrong with a sturdy pair of backups. I use RE-0’s but I just bought a set of these(clear ones)

It’s probably been repeated 2871948719 times but I’ll chime in and say these are fantastic for the money. Not perfect (slightly recessed midrange and some sibilance) but still highly enjoyable. I use them whenever I’m away from my beloved B&W speakers and AKG k271s. I already own a pair but I just bought another one (not gonna lie, the clear one looks cool). Oh yeah, and the cord is pretty awesome.
(For some freakishly detailed info, just head over to Head-fi.)

Regarding the few reviews out there that say these have no bass: these are in-ear monitors (IEMs) and absolutely require an airtight seal between the silicone eartip and listeners ear. Lack of bass depth/impact and tinny treble are side effects of using the wrong tip size. For those who can’t seem to get a consistent seal with the included eartips I highly recommend the Sony Hybrid eartips (model EPEX10A) or ebay knockoffs of such.

No. You want the Meelectronics M2P, M9P, or M11P

here are some specs

which would you recommend?

M9P for value and sound quality - it sounds more similar to the M6, which is the best earphone Meelec makes
M11P for user-friendliness - it’s smaller, more isolating, and more aesthetically pleasing (to me) than the M9P

I like the fact that these have airplane adapters. I don’t like that I will probably be back from my trip before woot can ship these.

How are they compared to Maximo iMetal ones they have on here? I freaking LOVE those!!