MEElectronics M6P Sound Isolating Sports Headphones w/ Mic & Remote

i want one


Amazon: 5 reviews-wide variety, $32.99:

Yay, a second wired headset for my iPhone 4 (which I find I like better than Bluetooth because I don’t look like a jerk while talking on it).

But, does the mic allow for voice recognition functions, like dialing and such?

alaTest reviews

10 more customer reviews - 4 stars at NewEgg

Product website: $54.99 with associated replacement tips on the page and 2 reviews:

and product manual link:

Edit: did some already above, but when added to cart at the website, price drops to $39.99 (the $54.99 is list price).

I have these earbuds, they sound great, have amazing bass. But it’s hard to get a good fit with the included eartips. They have great customer service though, I had a problem with mine (slight cable problem), and got my RMA instantly. I also had some other questions along the way, and they’ve been extremely responsive and helpful. Great deal, in for 1, maybe 2!

I like the Newegg reviews. Might be in for 1 or 2.

YouTube video review

TechGirl review - she’s very clumsy!

i just got me a one!

I have these, but mine are clear, and have no remote. I got them b’cause over at Head-fi, they said they were excellent value at $30, and I got them for $20 shipped. Later, Meelec had them on their website for $15, or so I hear.

Those were without the mic, mind you.

They come with many tips, I have two tri-flange, one or two bi-flange, and small/medium/large of the single-flange tips (tri-flange is shown, they come attached in the case)

I have weird ears, but I was able to get a good fit with the bi-flange tips. The frequency response is somewhat V-shaped, so it’s good for low-volume or rock lovers.

They have great isolation, but probably not as good as a Shure. I like the sound.

The carry pouch is wonderful.

The pocket-clip was useful, though the cable isn’t very microphonic without it. I can’t comment on the mic, as mine didn’t have one.

Some people have issue with the "memory wire, but I am just fine with it. I have no issues with wearing glasses with these.

Overall, I’d say these were an excellent deal at $20, so for $15 they are even better.

Anyone know whether these work with non-iPhones, e.g. my Spring Epic 4G (Galaxy S)? The headset 'buds included with the phone don’t have enough thump/bump for my tastes but if I get another set I’d like 'em to be able to make and receive calls. As opposed to the $79 Apple in-ears that I tried awhile back and promptly returned…

Not sure. First, if you haven’t looked at the compatability list in the woot blurb: I can’t find your particular model. There may be comments in the product reviews above.

Also, from the manual page, here it is with the quoted description. It only mentions Blackberry and iPhone though:

“Works with iPod, iPhone, most blackberry phones, MP3 players, portable media players, CD players, DVD players, computers, laptops, and netbooks”

These are my favorite headphones for my iPhone. Sound quality is good and gets better after you break them in. I picked up another three pair. The cord transfers very little noise to your ears as well.

i’d also like to know if the mic works on other phones besides iphone and blackberry. techgirl’s review says iphone and bb only.


Here’s the Compatibility and Functionality List as linked on the main page.

As long as the plug is the same, and the phone is newer, it should work. It requires a 3.5 mm jack. There is a link to a list of compatible devices in the description, though. This was a list of what they know DOESN’T work:

Nokia 5230, 5800, N91, N95 (pins reversed); Samsung Galaxy 3 (I5088 , I5801, Apollo), Galaxy 5, i9000 Galaxy S / AT&T Captivate / T-Mobile Vibrant / Verizon Fascinate / Sprint Epic 4G (playback only, mic/remote do not work); HTC myTouch 3G; Many Nokia and Samsung phones have the ground and mic pins reversed, and are therefore not compatible,ZTE Blade

The M6 is pretty neat. I convinced a few coworkers to buy them during various sales. Obviously, they are not top tier IEM, but if you have been sporting earbuds that came with the phone/player, then this is a great upgrade.

Even after all the iem/phones that I have, and I have many, I still think they are pretty good and use them for music while in bed.

Now, I just need to resist buying more… I already have like 7 sitting beside me… but these are the P model!.. … …

Would this work with my LG Chocolate VX8550 if I buy a 3.5mm to 2.5mm adapter from Monoprice?

I have the regular M6 and I love them. They’re comfortable, secure, and sound amazing… I can even sleep on my side with them. They’re well built too–my brother, who broke 2 pairs of Sennheiser CX300 within 2 weeks each, has had his M6 for a couple months now…