MEElectronics S6 Sport Earphones



some solid reviews (3.5 out of 5) over at amazon.


I have M6, which is similar to these. I really like them. They work great, sound great, and just the headphones are well worth the money.


Priced better than the $29 I spent on these thru Groupon goods over the summer , I used them quite a bit and didn’t care for the sound quality , did better with a Rich Bass Phillips brand SHE 9550 purchased for around $9 @ Marshalls .

I really believed I made a good buy initially because of reviews , I don’t recommend these headphones and I read about burn-in which is the amount of hours needed to break in headphones and it’s suggested with these headphones , maybe I should play with them some more , so why do my Phillips sound so dam good right out of the package.


I bought these for myself and my brother for Christmas on Amazon for $20 and I absolutely love them! So many different tips for different fits, and they sound great! The only thing I would really ask for is a bit more in the high-mid to high frequency range, but a simple “Treble booster” EQ fixes that. These are definitely not for audiophiles to use for regular listening. I use them for jogging and when I am playing drums because they are great for protecting my ears, and don’t fall out easily. I do strongly recommend buying some of these memory foam earbud tips:

They fit onto these earbuds no problem and make the experience that much more enjoyable and better protect my ears. So far the sweat resistance has been pretty solid so I can’t really complain about durability right now. ALSO I strongly suggest wearing these with the cord behind your neck rather than in front. Way more comfortable and they are more secure that way if your doing physical activities.

One last thing: Not to be rude, but for anyone to say that any earbuds sound “better”, you just sound silly. Better is a subjective term and can mean different things to different people. If you are going to review something like this describe how the audio sounds to you and what makes it good or bad. It’s much more helpful than “These don’t sound that good.” or “These are great!”


How do you change the song you are listening too? Doesn’t look like there is any ipod control on the wires… Is it possible that workout headphones don’t have a remote???


Are these built ay different than their other headphones that go behind the ear, the ones with the mic? I really liked those but they didn’t last. The metal wire always broke through the rubber housing. Oh and the rubber tips came off way too easily. Just having them in my pocket I’d get to the gym and there’d be no tip.


anyone know how big the neoprene band is? I have not found one that fits. I need one that can go up to at least 20 inches in diameter. They are hard to find.


Yes, tt’s possible. No, there’s no media control built into these headphones.


These are awesome for running! I have been waiting for them to come back on. They stay in your ears even while sweating through the Florida summer heat! The wire that wraps around your ears is not bulky and form fits to your ear unlike the plastic clips that other “sport” earphones have. I can put my headband over them to keep my ears warm without any adjusting. They are very comfortable and the sound is good.

Now woot - bring on the refurbished Sansas!


The only difference AFAIK is the color of the wire, and that this comes with and extension wire, some wire clips, an armband, and for some reason, a cantilever.


This one is only 15" end to end. It was one of the main reasons I bought these headphones, but it just barely fits my arm. As such, it’s hard to get on, and uncomfortable when running, so I don’t use it.


Anyone know just how sweatproof these are? When I run I sweat enough to make a horse jealous so I need something that won’t short out easily.


I have been DYING for some Sansa Clips!!! Good to see I’m not the only one!

Might have to pick up a pair of these. My ears are very small and I have a hard time finding earbuds that fit.


I’m always looking for good ear buds that fit under my motorcycle helmet. Going to give these a try.


My bf sweats buckets especially in the summer Florida heat while running and these brand of earbuds have lasted him well over a year now. I cannot say as much for the Sansa clips :slight_smile:


I got a pair of these a few weeks ago off of amazon. At the beginning of my workout. The fit good and sound good, but after about 10 minutes of cardio and I’ve got a good sweat going, bad stuff starts to happen. The sweat gets in my ears and blocks the sound coming out of the bud (or something is blocking the bud because it gets all muffled) and they start to slip out. Then I spend the next half hour of my cardio workout trying to fit them back in so they are comfortable and I can hear what I’m trying to listen to. If I just go to lift, they are fine, but once I get a sweat going they are useless and annoying.


Anybody know the specs on how deep the armband might be? Been looking for a strap that I can fit my galaxy S3 phone in for jogging and cycling. Samsung’s marketed pouch seems a little ridiculous, and I can always use new earphones since I go through them as if they were made of tissue paper.


Bought these a couple months ago from Amazon for $30 or so and I’m ordering another pair here. They’re pretty good. I’ve used Sennheiser, Nike, Adidas, blah blah blah. So far, no big issues, but I agree with the people who mentioned sweat. When you have sweat running down your face and into your ears, they do get muffled. You have to pull them out and blow in them to get sound back.
However, in their defense, that’s happened to every single pair of fitness earphones I’ve ever purchased.
The upside, from the Amazon reviews, the company is vigilant in backing up this product by replacing defective purchases. So, for a year, if they stop working, you can send them in for replacements.
At this price, if you work out alot and need some earphones, I’d get a couple. Better than most, even the ones priced at $60 and up. Trust me- I think I’ve tried them all.


Fairly good review at CNET, with some concern about fit for some people.

CNET earphones review