MEElectronics Sport Earphones

I have these (the M6) and really like them. Bought the over-ear b/c other ones fell out; these stay in place.

My ears, though, are a little on the small side, and the over-ear part doesn’t bend to fit very tightly. I’m going to check out the specs on the M6P and maybe they do…

I bought the M6P a while back on Woot!

The good - they stay in place fairly well. If you like ear buds with lots of bass, these are good.

The bad - the microphone is worthless. Don’t bother, nobody will be able to hear you. In fact, if you are on a conference call you have to put these things on mute or else everyone else on the call hears random noises that the mic picks up.
If you tend more towards monitor type sound reproduction (flat) then these will likely sound too flabby. They are definitely bass heavy.

I would buy the non mic version of these in a heart beat for cardio use at the gym. Not so much for use as a phone.

The M6 is made for bassheads. It has a V-shaped sound signature. This means that it has really great bass response, but at the expense of your mids and highs. The bass goes all the way down into the region that is covered by most subwoofers. However, the mids (where most vocals are) are recessed and the highs tend to be a little bit harsh.

Just got the white M6 on Amazon for 12.98 with free prime ship.

I bought a previous version of these headphones. I liked the sound but had two problems. The rubber bits refused to stay on, often coming off while in my pocket. Also the part where the ear things hook would loose it’s rubber coating exposing wire at the bend point.
Oh and I also found the mic to be worthless.

Ear they are, hum and get it (`em)

I’ve purchased 4 pair of these (2 as gifts), and I also purchased half a dozen other various brands of headphones in the under 40 bucks price range. These were hands down the best in terms of audio. I own excellent $100 over-ear headphones, and these compete with them. There’s a $7 pair of JVCs on the mainland site that edged these out for comfort (and also sounded decent), but that’s just for my ears. These are by far more likely to fit a wider variety of ear. My girlfriend and her sister have small ear holes and neither of them were able to find in-ear phones that fit. These did the trick. These are great for working out and listening at home. I bought one pair with a mic, and tested it out - it actually sounds pretty clear and the play/pause answer/endcall button and volume slider work well too. All of these come with a nice carry case and a variety of different sized nibs. These are good prices as well… though I got them a bit cheaper due to free shipping. Definitely a good upgrade to standard iPod earbuds.

Bought one of the MEElectronics M6 in black yesterday. Due to the mostly good reviews and the hope that I will be able to run and bike with them (my Klipsch s4i, as good as they sound, fall out.) All I can say is we will see!

I know this isn’t a helpful comment, but the girl wearing the earphones is very attractive. Too bad she doesn’t come with them.

LOL. We haven’t found a cloning technology that we’re happy with yet to offer that as an add-on yet.

Hey, just wanted to let you know the only difference between the M6P and M6 is that the M6P has a microphone.

Ooooo Ooooo! I have to jump in…I have the MEElectronics EDM earphones, in purple, love love love them. Better than my Beats. Sound is absolutely amazing.