MEElectronics Wooden In-Ear Headphones

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MEElectronics Wooden In-Ear Headphones
$12.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Headphones? I don’t need NO stinkin’ headphones!

/end rant

Ear splinters.

Especially wooden ones.

Would this work with a 3.6mm jack?


Seem to actually have some pretty good reviews. They look fancy too.

Quality post gET!

Good if you’re into boating. They’ll float.

I have these, and they are AWESOME. Just the housing is wood, so no splinters because you have the silicone flange. This will even satisfy bassheads, but it’s the new “Clear” line of headphones from MEElectronics. I thought I was going to be disappointed, and I only paid 21 bucks for them, but I was surprised to say these are the best phones I’ve owned to date in this price range.

Because they’re made from witches!

Twas a joke.

and, they weigh less than a duck.
approximately the same as very small rocks.