MEElectronics Wooden In-Ear Headphones

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MEElectronics Wooden In-Ear Headphones
$14.99 + $5 Standard OR $11 One-Day OR $7 Two-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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MORE headphones?!?!?

hooray more headphones…

What’s this, thrice time’s still boring?

Wood… More expensive than metal?

Wooden ear buds. The kind Amish wear.

WOOD!! Will these work with my Big Mouth Billy Bass???

I got wood.

But they’re made of wood!

Don’t complain, they’re WOODEN now!

And they aren’t refurb!!!

Watch out for ear splinters with these.

OMG, Hilarious.

In ear speakers. Brought to you by

of course wood is more expensive than the metal ones. read the fine print…hand carved by elfs. You know they aren’t cheap cause they’re union since that keebler bust.

Thank goodness!
Otherwise you would have to sand off the ear-cheese

There have been many, many, headphones in this woot-off! I havent purchased any however…

Toy Story collectibles for Woody.

and, unlike normal upkeep for wooden products (like cutting boards), no need for oiling: that’s what earwax is for!!