MEElectronics Wooden In-Ear Headphones

Are they made from Birch or Cottonwood?

Dyson’s are next…


Why, at THIS price, Ma, Pa, Laura, Mary, AND Carrie Ingalls can ALL afford to kick out the jams in their little house on the prairie!! ROCK ON, Ingalls!! YEAHHH!!! (Forks devil horns)

Got Wood? In your ears?

Beware of termites.

I read these can be ear splintering.

Not much of a deal. It is a whole $.01 cheaper than it is on Amazon (assuming you have super saver shipping or are an Amazon Prime member).

elves… just saying.


I’m trying to collect the whole July 2012 Woot-Off earphone collection.

I have a pair of these and no matter what I do they will not stay in my ears. I picked them up at Big Lots last year for $5 and still feel like I overpaid.

They especially like to pop out whenever I chew anything.

So now you can have a woodie in each ear.

So somebody actually sat down and thought “Lets make Earphones out of Wood”. Then Somebody said “OK” Then somebody actually made them. Now Woot Sells them.

That’s 4 points of fail I can count. Am I missing any?

EASY on the WOOD jokes!

I bet they won’t have it this time, they are sick of it crashing them every time it is offered!

HEHEHE…the splinters in ear are much harder to remove

Lol nice

i have a lisp so it sounds the same.

Even the manufacturer doesnt say…my guess is some illegal wood from china! :]

I thought I could buy these and be ‘green’, but they look like the are made of the endangered Earwood tree. Now my enviro is whacky.

And quite a collection it is!