MEElectronics Wooden In-Ear Headphones

duly noted.

If only I still needed headphones.

I’m guessing it’s more because they already had 'em earlier this month…

Sounds traveling through wood are 13 times faster than air. All your music will sound like it’s been covered by the Chipmunks.

Does anyone have crap for wood?

Yes, they are made out of bass wood

IF the music’s so bad it makes your ears burn, would these go up in smoke?

I’m still waiting for someone to make a “woody” joke.

I SO don’t need any more headphones, but I’ve been curious to see how wood housings effect the sound. Seems like a cheap way to do just that. In for +1.

All we need now is a Bunch of Carpenterants

These look a little crappy - I woodn’t want them.

Somebody had to do it…

knock knock…
who’s there…

Oh no one, it’s just the sound of my new wood earbuds hitting the desk as I bang my head…

These will go PERFECTLY with this MP3 player I just whittled!!

Good one!

Keep away from WoodChucks

I just want a Bucket of Crayfish. You can fill it with Texas Air cause I’ll never open it.

Like this one?

May I recommend Duct Tape?

Wood earphones, wood doll house, wood cork holder, I’m starting to see a trend.

I just literally barked like a seal at this!