I’m listening on the “MEElectronics AF-71-BK Air-Fi METRO” earbuds from an earlier sale right this moment. They’re surprisingly good sounding; stupidly convenient and compact, too. They pair more easily than the Plantronics and generics I’ve used before. The only downside, really, is common to most compact sport-style headphones–You can’t charge them while using em. They have a neat little usb clip cable that goes onto the right earbud to a pair of hidden charging contacts. You couldn’t wear em like that if you wanted to, and the headphones turn off automatically.

They also have a listening time of maybe 5 hours non-stop and their range is definitely subpar, even for the BT 3.0 transmitter I use. I think the best I’ve gotten is about 15 ft. without any obstructions with these headphones.

They’re perfect for a cubicle jockey like myself who’s never further away than the copier two cubicles away without taking my phone with me. An hour lunch to charge and charging em overnight, and the battery life never becomes an issue. I can pair them with the phone for music and the office phone for calls, and it’ll pause the audiobook/music/etc on the phone when I get a work call.

Call quality is good. I honestly haven’t got a clue where the mic is, but most people I talk to say they can’t tell I’m not on the normal phone headset.

Ditto what Smitelight said…range is horrible, but sound is phenomenal on my Galaxy Note II which has Apt-X.

They pair effortlessly and STAY paired.

A little on the large side compared to normal earbuds, but nothing too detrimental to the overall comfort and usability of the unit. At this price is definitely worth a buy. Heck, i’d be willing to pay the full retail price even… but if you’re on the fence, at this price, you MUST come on over to them.

MEElectronics NS63 say they are “headset capable” but it doesn’t mention a mic, I don’t see a mic, or a plug in mic. How can this be used as a headset? I even looked on their site hoping for clarification. I don’t see a mic accessory option to purchase. Could someone please help here… I am wondering if these would work to accept Skype calls and VoIP …


pretty sure that’s the bluetooth sport headphones. Good reviews.

Newegg has the MEElectronics AF71 for $60 w/ coupon until 8/19.

This is Kenny from MEElectronics.
The Noisesheild does have a cable with microphone build in. They do work with Skype calls and VoIP however you might need a skype adopter depend on what kind PC do you have.

Great, except you have to agree to receive their newsletter or it deletes the discount. Craptastic of them…

aww dang…wish this had popped up a few weeks ago…

The newsletter is not a big deal…actually it IS, because it often includes non-public coupon codes so you can get BIG Deals…

Horrible product, but I guess this is why it ended up on Woot, the home of products that could not make it in the marketplace. Setup…easy. Connection…easy. But try actually using the earbuds…they fall out. I tried each of the provided buds, and inevitably, they fall out easily. Gave it to my friend…she said the same thing. Waste of money…got to watch what I’m buying from Woot, I guess.