Meet Craig Electronics

The Smart TV adapter is less at Amazon, but there aren’t enough reviews to evaluate it.

Tablet needs more labeling on the back.

Does anyone know anything about the slimbook? It looks like a tablet with a keyboard. I can’t find any reviews on it–even the Craig website doesn’t mention it. I was wondering if you can print from it. After all a chromebook is a browser with a keyboard, so this might be useful.

I found the slimbook both on the Craig website and on Amazon but no reviews anywhere. I think I’ll stick to the gadgets I have. For those who are interested, it’s $109.43 on Amazon

no google store, so what’s the point? w/o the interaction with the touchscreen or the ability to tilt/move the unit around, you lose quite a bit of the tablet experience.

Does the tablet have gps?

The $38.99 one on Amazon is not shipped by Amazon. That store charges $10.78 in shipping. So Woot is cheaper.

Does anyone know which processor the Smart TV uses? Also would it stream VOB files in the correct order?

Am I able to use more than one of the speakers? I’m having outdoor movie watching this year and I’d like to have 5 or 6 of these throughout the lawn.

anyone get craig CRT913 Bluetooth speaker? does is work well…does it sound well…any idea what size cones are in it?

Fun to see the “Craig” name on stuff again. The original company (could still be the same?) has been around since before cassettes were invented. They had a “Sound Camera” that was a tape recorder with little 3 inch reels of tape.

I think I have the same Android mini-laptop sold as a “WolVol” (kind of like “Volvo” with a bad lisp).

It works and is fun, but is kind of a problem looking for a solution. Much better prince here, though!

Mine has a cheesy camera and comes with a mouse as well.

I bought some Craig media players a while back, they are supposed to play movies and mp3s and what not, about a 4-5 inch screen, and they work for crap. I also had a craig head unit a long time ago, it was OK, but not great. I’ll stay clear of the craig name.

on the tablet, title says in stock ships in 1-2 business days, but when i go to order it says get by aug 6. what’s the scoop on this?

I’m guessing the answer is no. But any idea if the smart TV adapter supports bluetooth?

They will ship it 1 or two days after you buy it. Unfortunately, Usps, ups, and FedEx can’t match the speed of e-mail, so it won’t arrive instantaneously, but if you’d ordered at that time, they’ll ship it around the world a couple of times, probably driving it right through the town you live in, and it will be there in a couple of months.

According to Amazon this tablet is not yet released and will be available July 30, which would explain the lengthy delay.

i guess woot should change the ships in 1-2 day line then.
it looks like answers from woot also take the round the world route. nothing from them…


i got the larger bluetooth speaker. guess i missed that part about it not being portable. kinda bummed it dosent have a battery built in. sounds quality is good.

My smart tv thingy works just fine, even with the included wireless mouse. The wireless range on that mouse leaves something to be desired, but it does all work.