Meet Your Derby #1 Winner




Congratulations Mr. inglekott!


Yes great job, inglekott and you too Mr. no1! You gave the winner a good run for his money. Of which he will have quite a bit more of now. Way to go!


That’s OK, Ms. Shan. I have a new baby. They’re worth a lot more on the black market.


Oh I didn’t know, congratulations! But the $200 would have bought a lot of diapers…at least 4 or 5.


congrats inglekott!


well done and congrats, ingelkott. Its a beauty of a design.


good job inglekott


Great Job inglekott!

Is it noon Friday yet???


Just joined about 10 minutes ago, so I didn’t get in on the voting, but looks like you guys made a good choice. Nice shirt.

Also glad I’m getting in on this derby thing sooner rather than later. i’ve been designing t-shirts as a hobby or sorts. The notion of harassing strangers into voting for my design, so that I may revel in the fact that people I don’t know are possibly wearing something I created…well that just blows my mind.


congrats inglekott!


Congrats man! Its a cool design


I wish Woot could make it available in different colors. Nice design, but I don’t wear many white shirts for anything other than undershirts.


Wow, I think if you bought at least one item you might have more credibility around here.


Thanks, everyone!


Great Job inglekott!


great work,
I will be sure to get this.






I feel like this was anti-climactic. If the vote totals were kept hidden (either the whole time or for the final 24 hours) everyone would tune in at midnight to find out who the winner was. Woot’s sales might even be better off for it.

Still like this shirt though. Congrats, inglekott.