Meet Your Derby #10 Contenders




Very nice entries this week. I really want to get “Nine to Five O’Clock Shadow”. I don’t know why, but i just have a thing for gas masks.


Congrats you guys! TWO repeat winners this week!


Hey guys don’t buy all of the urban meltdown shirts, I need one, thx


Don’t see how the Chicago Skyline with old school Tetris pieces isn’t going to win 1st, just too cool. I already want one, but I have to wait…
Here’s hoping to be the first sucker tonight…


i like he one up top i may just buy 2


Nine to 5 O clock is a must have, if i miss it im deffinetly gonna buy one of the 15$ ones, concrete city is nice too.


congrats to the winners!


i don’t want to be the one to tell alexey pajitnov that he’s getting ripped off yet again.


Only voted for one of these. Guess next time Ill have to get my entry in earlier to stand a chance in the long run vote. Mine was on the New Hotness list the entire time it was running…


I’m kind of surprised that city square didn’t make it, I was planning on buying it if it went up for sale. I do like most of these designs though (not necessarily to wear on a shirt though).

I hope 9 to 5 o’clock shadow goes up for sale, that was my #1 and I’ll definitely buy it if it does.

Congrats to the winners, great work.


The 1st place shirt takes 4:11 to sell out.
The 2nd place shirt takes 1:18 to sell out.

At this rate you’d better get in on the 3rd place shirt in a real hurry…


You guys really should have put up Nine to Five O’Clock Shadow. This was on of the best designs here


Anyone know if the 9 to 5 oclock shadow is being sold anywhere?