Meet Your Derby #11 Contenders




I am very sad about the lack of tortle in these selections.


Jackalope FTW!

I’ll stay up tonight just to see if that’s the winner… and I haven’t stayed up for ANY shirts yet.


No Blobbie nor Elefonkey? And what the hell is Phoenix in the Wind doing there?


You know, that’s kind of mean. Other people are allowed to like different things.

And as a little side note… I would have loved it if blobbie was there. ;_;


no piggin’ flight??? :frowning:


i have much sadness over the missing tortle shirt. very very much sadness.


I gotta say, I’m disappointed with all the contenders. Why do we need 2 puffaluffs shirts? How about one of the good Chupacabra, Griffin, or even Sea Dragon shirts? Oh well. I wish we could just order what we wanted.


I have to agree! I think there were a lot of really good shirts that never seemed to get in the top 10. I really hope Woot does another week of shirts that weren’t in the top three; I haven’t liked most of the winners for the last 3 or 4 derbies.


I’ll 3rd the two puffaluffs shirts. Should have made room for something different. I mean, how many people are going to buy one and then the other if they are in the top 3?


Whats a puffaluff?


seriously, why are there two of the same shirts? And by same I mean same design. The whole point of this website is to get something unique… right? not variation on a theme of Puffaluffs.

And yes I know, SOMEBODY voted for them.

It wasn’t me, though.

I personally like amusing shirts, and these all draw the line at cheesy.


qq for no tortle


I like the puffaluffs but wished blobbie was in there!! :slight_smile:


Man, guess I won’t be checking shirt woot this weekend. The green doesn’t look good at all and yea, so little variety in the shirts. The phoenix one looks like my old school mascot, just a little bit worse -_- Disappointed in this week’s woot!


Looks like I’m not buying a shirt for the next 3 days.


Hey if you can’t find it here maybe they;ll have it on Ebay, for a lot more than what they’re selling it for here. Which is crap! WON! (Woot or nothing) :smiley:


I didn’t buy the jackalope shirt because I was saving for the Monty Python Rabbit of death shirt. turns out I should have bought the Jackalope. They should do more than just the top 4 shirts. That is very silly.


Lame. Superlame.