Meet Your Derby #13 Contenders




Damiendone was so close to being nice this derby, then with an hour to go, he went on a butthead rampage.

I, for one, am not impressed. Voting ban stays.

Also, I like the candy cornibles.


Another Derby where the best of the bunch was submitted a couple of days after the start and never got enough votes to over take the front runners. I really hope that woot sells some of the better designs that didn’t make it in the fog during the week again.


come on pumpkin and ghost!!! plz!


all of them are great. i will def be back at midnight to see if candy corn cannibalism won, if so i’ll be making a purchase.


I agree, there were soooo many cool designs, I want them all!!! But seriously, that would be cool to see some of the other designs for sale.


I wanted the jack-o-lantern cutting himself… that was such a good one… ugh nice winners though.


I really hope the Candy Corn at least beats out the moon. It’s the only design that really has a personality here


Congratulations to all the contenders!


It’s too close to call! Can’t wait for the placings. Thanks all of you voters, I hope you enjoy the shirt if it wins!


no All Hallow’s Sleep?!?! AWW


"Awkward" reminds me of a shirt I’ve seen before…


Wow. In all honesty, I can say that I’ve never seen that shirt before, despite having purchased acouple of shirts from Threadless before, and having every intention of submitting designs there myself.

What a bummer. What’s more than being so similar, is that it’s just done so damn well.

I think there are enough differences (fortunately, that does not appear to be Halloween themed, and - although the skeleton is dressed as a girl, I don’t think it’s in the context of a costume), I’m more just disappointed in how much better the concept was executed in his/her design.


its ok I like yours better good job by the way me and a couple of my friends voted for you and will definitely buy your shirt if it comes up


All of these are winners. I think my favorite is CannibalCorn…


Thanks! If you liked that, you should like “BUMMER” in this week’s Derby.


god thats a bummer dude i wanted your shirt so bad. is there a way to get the 4th place winners shirt?