Meet Your Derby #14 Contenders




“no particular order” looks an awful lot like cwarrington’s predicted final order to me.


I am a noob here (but I have bought things from woot before)…so how do I vote?


I think it’s also the order in which these were submitted (not totally sure about the cheese and scurvy order, though).


I see copyright/trademark issues with at least 2 of these shirts.

I’d still buy them.


Haha I was thinking the exact same thing :stuck_out_tongue:


this contest is over… tomorrow (friday) noon CT a new one opens… then you can vote.


“The Cake Is A Liar” is a blatant ripoff of Portal, and is fairly lame to top it off.


I’m heartily dissapointed that the pinata didn’t make it into the top group. It was cute, colorful, vibrant, and funny. This was the first Derby that I liked a design well enough to vote for it, so I’m sorry it didn’t get through.

Though i’m quite happy that Powered by Cheese made it. It was my second vote in a derby.


worst derby ever…


With all due respect, parody is pretty different than a ripoff. The cake in Portal is a lie, not a liar. It also doesn’t talk.


Given that there are only 24 possible random order combinations, it’s inevitable that sometimes “no particular order” will truly reflect the actual rank of the shirts.


If any of you deter me from getting Scurvy when the time comes…

Wait, that didn’t come out right.


By forcefeeding you oranges for example?


How would they be able to print this using only 6 colors?


very carefully.

  1. black
  2. white
  3. lt orange
  4. dk orange
  5. lt green (or is that lt blue?)
  6. cranberry

The comp pic shows only a solid green T-shirt cloth as background, with no gradient.


im thinking about getting the cake one just out of my love for cake…all the others ones suck. The healthy heart should had made it. pm me if you think you could make me one of those for me after the delay period that woot imposes.


Yeah, wouldn’t pay $5 for these shirts except MAYBE Say No To Scurvy, just maybe $5 for it.


Congrats once again to the foggers! Again, none of the designs I voted for are anywhere near the fog, but I can only watch these things happen.

Looks like an interresting theme this week, alot of room for controversy! Comments 2000 here we come!

I played portal…don’t see the big deal…am I too old (31)?