Meet Your Derby #15 Contenders




Congrats to you all. Well played Derby.


congrats, even though I wish there were some others that would’ve won… the Nastradamus one was CLASSIC!!


Hey y’all, please save me a Genghis shirt. I just can’t stay up until 1 AM, and I’m too cheap to pay the extra $5. I don’t know what it is about a pensketch design on a cranberry tee, but I just can’t resist! I’ll probably wear my Die or Treat shirt tomorrow.


I’m staying up for Boston… I guess it’s guess and check time


Congratulations Guys/Gals! You did a great job maintaining the four positions all week. It will be fun to watch the 1st,2nd and 3rd.


i serioudly dont get you shirt.woot people. The first time around the sparta shirt does great, then it doesnt…do you people just vote for whats already in first place?


They found another fox to hunt.


Nah, they really just vote for what’s already in first place.


Thanks, guys!


Yesssss I got the boston shirt!! gnight everyone lol


A lot of the votes go to the designs above the fold so to speak. That’s really the test of a good design though. If you can pull through to the fog even after missing the Friday rush, then you’ve got something good - usually.


Timing seems to be very important. If a design is similar to another already submitted (or a resubmit by the original author) it does seem like people tend to pass over the second design.


I heard that Genghis and His Mongol Horde put on a hell of a show in the day. Lots of special effects and partying into the night. T’was a happinin time.


Did the guy who did the Boston shirt have anything to do with