Meet Your Derby #16 Contenders




Thank goodness, Jason is no longer the boss of us!


That righty tighty lefty loosy shirt doesn’t make any sense. It’s backwards. The wrench should be on top.


what difference does the position of the wrench make?


yeah-theres no rule like uppy shirty, downy sh— nevermind

that was lame


Bummer! I definitely liked the butterfly best!


No, roman is right. With the wrench on the bottom turning it right would mean moving your hand to the right of the shirt and turning it left would mean moving your hand to the left.

Unless, of course, you are wearing the shirt. In which case the shirt is correct.

On a different note, is anyone else disappointed by the recent derby winners? I sure am.


everyone’s bound to be disappointed at some point.


Disappointed that they’re not me? Yes!


Not to defend, but to give some insight into the desicion…
I wanted the “Lefty” part to be on the wearer’s left side, and the “Righty” part to be on the right side. To make that work, Lefty means counter clockwise, and Righty clockwise. If the directions were proverbially “followed” by a viewer, the nut would loosen to the lefty direction, and tighten to the righty direction, just like it’s suppossed to… or maybe I’ve lost my mind and I’m the only person it makes sense to. It was pretty late when it was developed.



so when GI metro got printed, the server was borked for 26 minutes, and no one could buy the shirt.

when Close Encounters got printed, the server was borked for 40+ minutes, and no one could buy the shirt.

now there’s a chance survival tracking guide could be printed tonight, and we’re in the middle of a woot-off…and we all know what usually happens at the end of a woot-off. they sell the bag o’ crap and the server gets borked.

woot…regardless of who wins this derby tonight, if you time your bag o’ crap around midnight, preventing people from buying the winning shirt when it goes on sale? well that’d be pretty poor form.


“The Creative Though Process” reminds me greatly of a combination of Threadless designs from earlier this year… mostly, the monster from Take Me to Tokyo and the star from Luckiest T-shirt Ever. Ironically, both of those shirts were released during the same week earlier this year!



the star on ‘luckiest shirt ever’ is screaming because it’s flying through the air. fablefire’s star is screaming because it’s on fire.

aside from a roundish head, there’s no real resemblence between the two dinosaurs.

if you’re going to passive-aggressively accuse someone of pulling ideas from other shirts, please be a little bit more concrete about it.


I really liked the “Forecast Apocalyptic” shirt and am sad that it didn’t get voted in. No offense to Barthesis, but I don’t find the lefty loosy right tighty shirt to be very appealing. Guess everybody else did though, so I lose.


LEFTYLOOSEY: perfect shirt. perfect sense. good job!


Take Me to Tokyo is so cute! :open_mouth:

Lucky not so much though.


I really really like the Which Way design, and I am thoroughly dissapointed that it did not win. Is there anyway that it can be submitted for a second chance?


Roman et al are actually completely wrong. Having a tool involved means you’re not turning just your hand, but instead the tool that’s turning any object. So, in any case, lefty is always loosey, proven further by the fact if you were to draw the arrow even longer, it would in fact be turning left. If the wrench were at the top, it would just be an extension of the diagram, not a different diagram.

I dig this shirt, I hope it wins printing rights. Also, maybe it’ll help some wooters remember which way is actually counter-clockwise.


i forgot what counter-clockwise is…is it the opposite of clockwise? :wink:


Me too, I was really looking forward to that shirt.