Meet Your Derby #21 Contenders




I liked a lot of the entries this Derby, I am glad these won.


Gratz riffy… you made the fog again!


I get how the first three relate to the theme… Snow comes in winter, and trees lose their leaves. But what does “When Penguins Bribe Polar Bears” have to do with winter? Polar bears and penguins have more to do with the arctic and antarctic than they do with any particular season.

I guess Woot is being more forgiving about requiring strictly on-theme designs these days.


I like me that polar bear shirt, hope it makes it.


I’m crossing my fingers against shades of winter. All four are excellent designs, but I can’t see why both trees should be printed, and I voted for the cardinal


I’ll be buying Urban Ice. I love it, just like I enjoy most of Riff’s designs – I’ve already got two.


EDIT:… I’ll be REALLY upset if Urban Ice is replaced by Shades…