Meet Your Derby #22 Contenders




Congratulations to all the contenders! Riff I think your ape-thetic entry probably pulled off the #1 spot. Not so sure about the others, but I wish you all the best of luck for a derby win!


While they’re all fun, there haven’t been many lately that I would actually wear. Post on my cube wall, maybe, for being cute, but not across my chest.


I’m dreaming of a cranberry derby. I’d buy Blamestorming Hippos or Apathy Monster in a heartbeat, though I’ll inevitably have to select just one.


I coulda been a contenda!!

Thanks for your votes, all who voted for me. This means a lot. =3



No, you won’t have to choose. The public did.

It will be

Might have been a giant and The apathetic ape for spots 1 and 2
The apathetic monster will take 3rd.

My design will go down in near miss history.


It’s cool that there are two grass and two cranberry t-shirts.


Due to the short time I spent in the fog I’m pretty certain the apathy monster is taking fourth, which is fine, he doesn’t care. They’re all quite deserving funny shirts, and cool designs. Congratulations to everyone!