Meet Your Derby #4 Winner


It is a great design (Although I still wish for more curvey and crinkley bacon!)

well, if the woot staff would announce a “tie policy” that doesn’t involve a 2-for-1 deal, then we’d be able to avoid all the vote manipulation in the first place, no?

Thanks everyone – what an exciting finish! I went camping for a few days midweek so I missed some of the drama. :slight_smile: I’m so stoked to win – there were a bunch of good designs. I really liked the GI Metro shirt, and thought for sure it would beat me! And I appreciate the constructive feedback – I haven’t done many shirts before so it’s good to hear from people who actually buy shirts what they like and what they don’t. (Note to self: curlier bacon.)

We’re working on something…more info when the Derby opens tomorrow…

awesome. looking forward to it.

Congratulations on and ingenious design. And congrats to most of the leaders in the voting. I say most because I still think a couple should have been rejected. All in all I’m happy to come in 12th spot with my “Far From Sanity” design. It would have been nice to win some much needed money though. I’d enter another one this week but I don’t think I’ll have time to design something in time to get good votes.


In the event of a tie, whatever “pucker” design is entered that week, wins.

Great gob to the gy who won. It really was clever.


Ha! I totally take that as a supreme compliment. Thanks!

Congrats to breakfastopo designer person!!! The design is most excellent.

I would hope that all this vote manipulation in the last two derbies would be enough to convince the Woot! powers-that-be to simply hide vote totals, like many of us have been saying for weeks. But that’s probably wishful thinking.

I do appreciate the change of announcing the theme for the next derby as soon as this one closed.

Also, congrats to the winner. It took a great design to be submitted that late and still pull up ahead.

Congrats to the winner. Any possibility the circuit board USA design might get printed? I would really like that shirt, as I’m sure a lot of people would.

Huzzah! A mighty congratulations to the brilliant swedishchef1! (Although I almost typed swedishfish–but I enjoy those, too.) Definitely the most professional and elegant of all the shirt.woots to date.

This shirt will be my first shirt.woot! I like your style and look forward to your future designs, sir.

Correction: to Ma’am

Wow, I didn’t even see this week’s derby entries until today, and I MUST have this shirt. Hopefully for $10 (if I can stay up late enough…) but if not there’s always a $15 buy this weekend.

Congrats to swedishchef1! I think it was a good derby. A lot of the top designs looked really good this week!

I agree with tgentry that USA shirt is a nice looking one. I wouldn’t mind having one of those myself.

I would like to take credit for adding my vote back to Breakfast Topo at the last minute to help ensure it won over the hideous digestion track shirt. I had switched my allegiance to the circuit board USA shirt. But, once I saw that had no chance I pulled for my favorite of the top two…this one!

I agree 100%! I would buy 2 of those for sure!

All the more reason to hide the vote totals. The suspense and speculation would be worth it.