Meet Your Derby #5 Contenders


all these designs look great

I predict that Jellyfishalicious goes on sale tonight as the winner of the derby.

These top four look better than most from previous weeks… and I especially like the bottom 2.

#1 : Jellyfishalicious
#2 : Organic Light Beam
#3 : Sunset Tree

/unfortunate, since i was looking to buy the phoenix shirt :frowning:
//will we get to find out the vote totals for the top four? to see how well the fog of war worked in separating the leaders?

i think its organic light beam,jellyfisholishus,and light bulb phoenix

yeah its definatly that

sunset tree wasnt on the top four for a while

Well, neither was Jellyfish… and both of those were able to knock Cho’s other design out of the top 4!

WTF, woot?!?! It is 12:05am central time!! Where’s my new t-shirt selection!

It’s midnight, i’m here, where are the shirts?

Huzzah! I win! Also, I’m in for one! Great design!

What does a jellyfish have to do with light?


Now that the top three are announced, are you guys going to announce the total votes on the fourth place finisher? I’d be curious to know.