Meet Your Derby #7 Contenders




Man… I wonder how many votes that means! 4th place was switching in and out all over the place today and yesterday…

Also, when I first read that, I read through the part about music notes and then read, "will go on scale … " :slight_smile:


Congrats contenders!

I was hoping for the monkey shirt getting in the fog, but these are cool too. Personally, I’m hoping for Mental Notes- the one I think will reproduce best on a t.


Yes…yes…I will be waiting for Mental Notes tonight!


I predict Mental Notes or Cool Breeze for first.

IMHO, very solid Top Four. Fight Song isn’t a 100% clear design, but it’s a lot better than Decomposition.

I’m just not fond of the color choice or design in general. Or, to be honest, the attitude of the artist. Plus, I generally don’t enjoy designs that I could make myself in Photoshop in five minutes.

I’ll be back at midnight to buy Cool Breeze or Mental Notes. Lookin’ forward to it!


Have not been on the derby pages this week at all. So, looking over these four, I think the Cool Breeze is very nice! Does it appeal to the guys, too, since I am female I have no idea?


I’m a guy, and I’m planning on buying it. Big fan of the design, and I love the colors.


now that it’s all over i find myself disappointed. no offense to the artists. i just don’t want to look at these shirts for the next three days… sigh.


I thought this was derby#7. What happened to Fake me out to the ballgame??? There was no “meet your contenders” blog for that either.


You’re right – good call, it is number 7.

stevieg, which ones would you rather have seen?


I’d been really hoping for Infinite Rest/Silence. I thought it would work well being worn backstage during concerts and shows. Cool Breeze is on my “to buy” list for the weekend…


Wow. you state that my attitude was ‘bad,’ which I immediately appologized for, and told fighting that i was buying his shirt anyway.

and yet, here you are bashing me, stating that you can make it in 5 minutes.


i really liked the one with the tapes coming out of the clouds. sounds from above or something like that. mostly it’s just that i’ve been looking at these same designs for a week and they are starting to meld together as one in my mind.


I’ve been wondering - Is there a reason why we don’t know which 3 won? If I were one of the artists I’d be irritated at not knowing.

If anyone knows the reason could they please let me know? Thanks.


Check this FAQ.


Dang. I was really hoping for Music Theory. I dont really like any of the winners this week. Ill skip buying a shirt for now, unless I have a huge change of mind. However, I do like the designs, just not something I (as a nerd) would look natural wearing.

I did vote for decomposition, and i like that design the most. Honestly, I dont see any appear in the Mental Notes design. I just dont see what anyone likes about that design.


Ah, they don’t want us to know what’s coming. Seems a bit silly to me. Not knowing won’t change wether I buy a shirt or not. All these shirts are going to sell out, and would even if we knew what the winners were.

Maybe they should just make all three available tonight instead. Same amount of sales without the waiting. I was perfectly happy not being able to get a new shirt on the weekend.


I’m looking forward to buying Decomposition and maybe, just maybe Cool Breeze.


I was wondering why they didn’t have a “meet your contenders” last week as well. I still have no clue as to how many votes I got :wink:


I don’t really like any of the designs this week. I do think Cool Breeze is my favorite of the 4. It’s actually not too bad. Not sure if I like it enough to purchase it tho. It reminds me of a music video where the band is playing and musical notes are flying through the air.