Meet Your Derby #9 Contenders




Well chosen fellow wooters! For once both of my votes ( I only vote for 2) are in the top 4, now if I can only get both!
Love the green and hope the brown is not too dark (see cool breeze) Good luck all contenders and welcome out of the fog.


I like riffmaster’s design - it had better win


why do you only vote for 2? That sounds like a policy.


I don’t understand how it fits the theme at all – I’m hoping for the other three – all of which I voted for.


Congrats you guys.

I do have to agree with the above poster about the brown concerns ala cool breeze


I am a big fan of Suicidal Maple Leaf.


As far as the theme goes mine is actually surprisingly literal for an abstract design. I think most people caught that when viewing the full version, but I suppose I can understand that it’s not as straightforward as others.


I hate to say it but here goes…I think they all pretty much stink. What’s up with the tree hugger junk WOOT?


I LOVE riffmaster’s… in fact, I may be going for a similar style with my Derby #10 entry, whenever I get it done…

Also, I’m a fan of killopo’s Sun-Blown Autumn, so much that I modified it and made it into a background on my phone – I do this with a lot of designs I like.


What was that old saying about the highest form of flattery…?
Wow, that speaks volumes about a design’s merit. Well done to both wizard and especially killopo.

To address Josephus:

As far as voting for only 2, i find it makes me really think about wether I would want a design to buy, not just to look at. It does say “I’d want one” not “I like it”. I think it would be interresting to set up some sort of pre-order option that would weigh heavier in the voting. Say I REALLY love a design, I can pre-order a shirt and that design gets 3 votes instead of 1. Just an idea, I’m sure it can be manipulated and exploited, but I vote as if I was ordering the shirt right then. That way when (if) it wins I can enjoy it more.


Okay, first: That phone background? Awesome.

Now. The idea of a pre-order promise to give more votes has been suggested before, and I personally think it’s one with great merit. Pester your local woot(!) staffer about it and get your voice heard!


This is a great idea. PS, would Calvinball get 9 votes if I pre-ordered 3 of them :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

It also might lead to the interesting situation that a shirt could immediately be sold out (if it had 1000+ preorders).

“Hey, here’s a great shirt, but unless you preordered you can’t get it until tommorrow for $5 extra! Sucks to be you.”


I am soooo underwhelmed by the fog shirts. Where are the monkey designs? The funny ones? Etc… I feel bad for the “Aaarrggh” designer, (s)he got robbed. Too much artsy wack and emo this week. I see someone with a mullet and a goatee wearing a muscle shirt version of “summer to fall” going to a tractor pull. :slight_smile:

I am glad that the suicidal leaf won. It’s in my opinion the best of the top contenders this week.


I love the Split Seasons and the Suicidal Maple Leaf. The autumn breeze, I agree with an above poster. A little too emo for my taste. I would put it on a print in my cubicle, but never on a t-shirt to wear around town. As for the other two, I’d very likely wear. Or if not, I know the wife would. The Summer to fall, I’m sorry. That’s just way too loud for my taste. Somewhere in the neighborhood of the RTFO shirt for today.