Meguiar's 3.5GAL Yellow Bucket

Meguiar's 3.5GAL Yellow Bucket

So… this is an empty yellow bucket?

Yay! The grossly overpriced plastic bucket is back.

It is not just a bucket. It is “a gift or use it for your own vehicle, it is sure to please. It is a LIMITED EDITION collection released by Meguiar’s.”

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Limited edition… as in “limited by how many people are willing to buy a grossly overpriced plastic bucket.”

Aww. The quantity limit is 10.

You’re going to have to get your friends to help you build that yellow bucket castle I’m sure your heart is set on.

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Still isn’t as good as this Bucket


Without a grit guard this is no better than a bucket you can get a home depot for a fraction of this price.

But it makes car washing easy because it’s a bright bucket for water and suds. Other buckets aren’t bright. Or they can’t hold both water and suds. Some just hold suds. Some can only hold water. This is half price and it holds water and suds. Plus, it’s bright.

Unlike the people who buy it.