Meh, I’ll pass.

Where’s the “Like” button for this shirt?

There should be a dislike button!

*Goes to start 16,433rd facebook group on that subject.

Oh good, does this mean that Facebook will be adding a “dislike” button soon? I’ve wanted one of those for ages!

But I guess then I would have to “like” the “dislike” button which might 'cause some sort of irony implosion.


I’m having a hard time feeling enthusiastic enough to click “I want one!”

I just “liked” this shirt on facebook!


Meh, not excited about this one…

This is a good design, but in it’s honor, I’ll instead say “I’ve seen better.”

More Entertained tHan I should be…

Clearly some sort of meta-irony here that’s so self-reflexive I can’t even comprehend it. The shirt that describes the feelings I have about the shirt on itself. I need to draw some charts…

I find this shirt to be kinda… just… uh nevermind…

I think Facebook would be a lot more interesting with this button


Mediocre at best.

I’d get this, but some one would just come along and “poke me.”

For some button shirts, I’d be afraid that people would be constantly poking me in the chest. But for this one, I have a feeling that most people would be too apathetic to bother.

This shirt is meh.

Hmm…I am not loving this shirt, but I don’t really hate it either…