You know what would be better? An “Awesome” & “Suckage” button set.

I don’t think The Simpsons coined the term, but they definitely popularized it:

Damn, searched the posts to see if I could be first to make the standard joke.

I actually feel the polar opposite about this design, but, in its honor, I will say “I’ve seen worse”. Such is the power of “meh”.


For the apathetic hitchhiker?

Do I have to join Facebook to have an opinion on this shirt?

Further studies into “meh”

(Though it seems somewhat contrarian of me to be putting this much effort into such an indifferent word.)

At least this version doesn’t have a period at the end. The ‘period’ is much too definitive for the likes of ‘meh’.

This shirt is a good excuse to pose my favorite scene from “The Social Network”.

Carry on.

I’m not normally seeing the spunk and excitement from my fellow wooters. Guess you need to plop a couple o’ fluffy animals on a shirt to do that. I can tell from the comments that this shirt is such a mood-killer. :expressionless: I’ll pass this time.

The position of the hand reminds me more of this.

It’s a woman punching bread, so you don’t actually need to see the clip.

You’re being nice.

Change “Awesome” to “Splendiferous” and I’m on board.

Okay - I think I’ve figured this out, after some very shallow thinking. The thumb represents the aimlessness of most of our lives, while the cuff signifies the restrictions that we place on ourselves. The hand expresses how we grasp at what we can never quite acquire.

All that sound very negative? Have no fear! The “Meh” stands for “many entertaining hernias”! A great time is guaranteed to all!

The “word” that is printed on this shirt is quite possibly the WORST by-product of the internet yet. It is the (very poor) approximation of the pronunciation of an utterance which I find really annoying. Pronouncing this “word” the way it is written creates a new utterance which is even more annoying than the original one. Fair warning: if you ever say “meh” to my face, I will punch you. And don’t even think of wearing this shirt in my line of sight.

I’m scared.

It’s a perfectly cromulent word.

You’re just asking for it…