Melange Aluminum Commercial Full Sheet

Calling this a “full sheet” pan is totally inaccurate. In the world of bakeries, a full sheet pan measures approx. 18"x26", which is too large for home ovens. For home use, the larger of the two “standard” sheet pans sizes is the half sheet size, which is 18"x13". But this pan is only half as large as that size, which makes it the quarter sheet size.

Hi there! Thank you. I’ve hidden the offer until we can figure out which is being sold.

Fredly42, thanks for catching that! We have verified that this is indeed a FULL-sized baking sheet, and have corrected the dimensions listed in the description! Phew! :slight_smile:

FWIW, you corrected the dimensions in the Features, but not in the Specs. That tab still shows the small, quarter-sheet dimensions.