Melange Natural Aluminum Commercial…

I see this listing for ** “Melange Natural Aluminum Commercial Baker’s Big Sheet” ** and think yeah, great price but when I pull up the page w/ description it says the size is “Half+Quarter+Jelly Roll Sheets” I don’t want a half sheet & a quarter sheet. I want what is in the title !!!
This is getting to be a regular WOOT error - list the biggest size but in the fine print it is told to be a medium or small - NO BIG DEAL for WOOT & MORTY

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The pictures are all the same…trick photography?? WOOT, you done it again. Just like the Ice Cream Scoop coffee maker

Yeah, that’s because Amazon uses the same pic for all sizes:


We pull flash deals from Amazon overstock. Sometimes their sale information is not the greatest.

I love the Melange baking trays. Not only do they amp up the SPICEY tast of cinnamon rolls, but last night I baked a pizza on one and then was suddenly able to FOLD SPACE!