Melissa & Doug Pretend Play Fresh Mart Grocery Store

Melissa & Doug Pretend Play Fresh Mart Grocery Store

Whats the difference between this one and the one on Amazon for the same price and a promo that Amazon is running for $15 off another product too?

Cute, good reviews, I would have loved it as a kid. I would check with kids this age though. They know what they want.

I wish it was a bigger discount. My brother in-law has 4 new kids this Christmas and I could see this being a hit with them.

I don’t get what you’re saying. The same combination on the page you linked is $173.47.

I’m not a math wizard but that seems like more than the $149.99 that we’re selling them for.

I guess I am a wizard wizard.

I’ll order it off Amazon, thanks for the help.

I think the correct answer to his question is; “It doesn’t come with the accessories, and you have to buy those separate. The same combination is $173.47”.


Communication Wizard.


Ha ha! I hope that person enjoys their empty play store!


Thank you! I kinda figured he was including the accessories. My mistake.

… and theirs probably came with that recalled romaine lettuce…

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