Melitta 15 Bar Pump Espresso Machine



Melitta 15 Bar Pump Espresso Machine

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    1 Melitta 15 Bar Pump Espresso Machine


This was my 2nd woot! IT is a good machine. No problems.


is 15 bar good?


I cannot drink coffee due to health issues.


Only 15 bar pump? weak.


So, I’m explaining the woot off to my wife. We’ve been talking since the breadman machine. I say, it’s a Melitta pump espresso machine. She says, “Isn’t that the same manufacturer of my breast pump?”



i bought one, looks like other places sell these for around $60. Expresso is great.


I have a pump machine now, and it is way better than the old pressure only machines. If you like your coffee as espresso, cappuchinos or lattes, you’ll save a fortune doing it yourself instead of Starbucks…etc. Just make sure you use an espresso grind , and not a normal drip grid. And forget pods too. Pods are for dweebs.


I hope you were just kidding around.

No one’s going to use fifteen bars. 9 bars of pressure is the ideal for espresso. Beyond that taste starts to degrade.

Wish I hadn’t missed this.

brad cook




Mine was a piece of junk. Wouldn’t heat up water at all… Not sure if I’d recommend cause when I called Melitta they told me that this model are no longer sold because of issues with the expresso machine.