Melting Defenses

how is his butt not toasted/on fire? ._.

Can’t ya just hear the marshmallow singin a little “I’m Burnin’ For You” to the graham cracker? Best ramyb I’ve seen

Burnin’For You

Better buy a new shield from the Deku Salesman!

Totally reminds me of this video

Oops… forgot to put the graham cracker in there somewhere.

People love S’more shirts… =D

He’s found himself in a sticky situation!

word. I went “d’awww” and considered buying it when I saw the design before I even read whose it was.

“In 'Mallow we trust.”

Scariest. Campfire. Ever.

Season 6 of The Wire focusing on Ramyb? Sheeeeeiiiiiittttt!

He’d have nothing for McNulty or The Bunk.

Don’t wear this shirt: if you really are being attacked by a flaming dragon, while armed only with an oversized Hershey’s bar.

notice the light brown on the edge - I think the chocolate is already melted onto the graham

At the very least, the shirt gets the writer in me going.

“I have travelled from the cornstarch fields where I grew up, beyond the Chocolate mountains where this very shield was forged to do battle with our mortal enemy. Now at last my squishy bretheren will be avenged,” Mallow cried.

His face was sticky with sweat, the very heat of the dragon’s breath began to warp, and melt his shield. Mallow wasn’t sure how it would end, but here he would make his stand–whether he wanted to or not, because his feet were stuck to the floor.

This fella just wasn’t listening. They said the pen is mightier than the sword, but no one said anything about a pencil!

This whole situation makes about as much sense as having a snowball fighting a sun dragon with a button for a shield and a tiny corncob pipe for a club…

I think I have too many smores related shirts from Woot already. I’d love to buy another but people are going to think that’s all I’m about. I haven’t ruled out getting this one, since the fire is dragon-like, but I’m going to sleep on this one.

I think the next Woot spinoff will be smores.woot! It seems to be the most popular theme of all time on the site.

looking at the design s’more (get it?) I think the chocolate could have been a helmet melting down over the mallows face.