Meme Machine

Rube Goldberg would be proud. And he’d probably lul, too.

You should see his blueprint for global warming!

Ah, Rube Goldberg machines…the bane of high-school physics students nationwide.

Arrowed! I like the Teen Girl Squad reference.

I’m waiting for PETA to come in, complaining of LOLCAT abuse.

Gotta love Rube Goldberg machines. On a similar note, anyone seen OK Go’s video This Too Shall Pass? Epic!

LOL I <3 this shirt!

I was trying to find some funny, physical impossibility, but I can’t. This shirt is disappointingly plausible.

loved all the fog candidates this week, never would have imagined this topic to crank out such great shirts. i’m in, and fear that i’m in for tomorrow’s too!

Doc Brown fed Einstein the same way.

Have to get one to bad its on blue I like black bit better but get that its a blue print look o well. Sweet shirt.

Now that I was able to prove Al Gore invented the internet, I hope I get a Nobel Peace prize too. I mean, people did stop arguing when the internet was invented, right?

Thanks so much everyone. All 1007 of you that voted, at least.

This reminds me of the old DOS game The Incredible Machine, therefore it is awesome.

funny but too nerdy to wear. I’m really crossing my fingers for the vomiting cloud. Last week the one I wanted came in fourth.

I hope you’re happy! Al Gore is probably crying himself to sleep on his eco-friendly biodegradable pillow right now!

indeed, i think he would

You realize that Al Gore never actually claimed he “invented” the internet, right?

He did say something in a political campaign about being an early advocate, pushing for more investment and growth, something the guy who arguably (well, as much as any one person I suppose) DID invent the Internet (Vint Cerf) confirmed. See, e.g.,

It would have been really funny if this shirt got 1337 votes.

That game is awesome!