Meme Parade

My old friends! All on one shirt! I think I’m going to cry!

Needs to be less busy…maybe a little color. So dreary for a parade.

Best of the bunch! Further proof that one color prints can be spectacular. Congrats, Wences!

Now that the Star Wars kid made it on a Woot shirt, I bet he’d say that it was all worth it in the end.

LOL The guy at the bottom right with the massive sombrero really made me laugh. :smiley:

Dare I challenge a “name all”?

I think that’s the main selling point. It’s like looking at a Where’s Waldo of Memes.

What is the “Lets do this” guy from?

Since new memes are popping up all the time, is this parade never ending?

Only winner I voted for. In for one. Love Blues greens and blacks in Woot! shirts so this shirt is pretty close to perfect for me.

It’s probably obvious already, but I’d just like to point out that this parade is not in chronological order.

ZOMG. No “Will they Blend?” or “Recycle Ur Memes”? Woulda bought, like, over 9000! Epic FAIL. Woot voters, I AM DISAPPOINT.

I like the Bio write up, but I thought the lyrics went like this.

walmazan, walmazan
Does whatever a Mexi can
designs shirts any size
eats his beans & some rice
lookout!!! Here comes the walmazan

What’s that dude’s problem in the front? Who boos a parade?

Already out of date. Where’s the Tiger Woods Cigar Guy?

If I buy it, how many years do I have to wait until it becomes ironic?



Congrats Walmazan! The best design in the derby, easily.


I found Waldo!