Memobird G2 Thermal Inkless Printer

Memobird G2 Thermal Inkless Printer

I can’t find paper for this on Amazon, and it doesn’t appear to come with any…any insights on where to get some and how much it costs to keep this thing fed?

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I had a calculator that used thermal paper - it became obsolete 15+ years ago because you could no longer purchase thermal paper for it at any price. Loved that calculator.

Type or copy/paste the following into Google:
memobird g2 thermal printer paper rolls

You will get hits for Staples, Uline, Wish (always questionable), Amazon etc

Buy alot and store somewhere cool. After my experience with the calculator - you can never have too many and if your printer breaks there will always be someone to sells the rolls to.

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Lots of paper in stock. So not obsolete. Note: if you store such thermal paper in a hot car or attic, it will likely turn dark. It is good for things like receipts. But probably one of the worst choices for archival purposes.


One thing to always consider is the app. When it’s no longer supported by updates or supported by the OS update it’ll be a nice paperweight for those printed notes.

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“Hits” are useless if the product listing says “unavailable” when you get to the site. Plus you really can’t store thermal paper indefinitely. After time it turns because, after all, it’s THERMAL and will react to your home temperatures.

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Thoughts from the peanut gallery on potential toxicity of thermal paper?

I suppose uncoated / non-phenol papers - if available - would be the best arrangement?

Would something like this be compatible?

I’m interested but not if the prints are going to disrupt my kids endocrine system or lead to a front loading of BPA/BPS in their life from handing the prints.

Sheesh! The paper is almost as expensive as the printer at $34.96 per roll of the non-toxic type.

Found BPA free on Amazon:

Check this out at
Offitecture 2-1/4" x 50’ Thermal Paper Rolls BPA Free (50 Rolls)

All Memobird printers come with a preinstalled paper roll.
You can buy extra paper on the official Memobord website: and on Amazon:

Moreover, the official Memobird thermal paper is BPA free and is available in regular white, yellow, pink and blue and also sticker white.

The only official authorized version for North America. Comes with one year manufacturer and local English support

That’s a very non-US looking receipt in the picture gallery. I suppose I could assume the messages I send to seniors are encrypted using modern methods, and remain in the confines of the US. :thinking:

The Android app has an entertaining About this app … (picture below)

That will be great for my stiff and achy paper rolls.

Check the official Memobird website for the paper packs all BPA free and available in white, yellow, pink and blue regular and also white sticker.
Also available on Amazon

Also, all Memobird printers come with a preinstalled paper roll and all of them are BPA free.

Is white the only color for sticky paper? How hard is it to make color paper sticky?

I did the math, so you don’t have to.

Using the Amazon links from other comments, you’ll pay four to six cents per 2.5" square of flimsy thermal paper that will turn unreadable in a year or three.

For reference, standard yellow Post-it Note squares are 3"x3", and cost less than a penny each.

Regardless, I am in. I saw in one site pics of little Chinese character practice sheets. Cool idea, I hope the app actually does that and it was not some BS fake pic. Perfect for me and my kids (mom is teaching us).Capture

For what it’s worth, I read a Canadian review on Amazon, dated 4/2020, that said the Memobird only works on 2.4 networks.

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Thank you

Are there really people who put weight behind “” They’re lunatics. Plus, nobody is eating thermal paper, so we’re all OK

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