Memorex 10” Digital Photo Frame

Not a deal…next

This by far is the worst woot off ever. Site down too start the woot off and now what only one of everything??

$79.99 is the cheapest price i can find for this.

A lot more than one of these… Buy three!


You clearly weren’t around for the april fools day “Black and decker Power” Woot off

lol. I remember that. Wasn’t there, but it was famous.

That was a hell of a way to wake up in the morning. Needed coffee to catch up.

next please…please. pretty please? with 5 dollar shipping on top?

I stayed up all night waiting for the site to come back up now it’s time for bed…

first thing to stay around for more than 3 minutes, and full bar to sold out with nothing in between. Way too much in my book. At least the shirt is funny for a change.

Does this thing only display b/w photos? :slight_smile:

can’t find any reviews. is it a good frame?

by the looks of the box it comes in, it should display colored photos as well as b&w

Anyone know when this ships out? Been a few days…