Memorex 10” Digital Photo Frame

Will it do color?

If I didn’t have four of digital photo frames, that I never use, if everyone I know didn’t have one (that they never use) and if the price was about $10, I’d get this.

Truth be told, three years ago this would have been a hot item, but now these are about the same as giving your father a tie on Fathers Day.

Just sayin.

Yes it will, despite Woot’s choice of a black and white image, Memorex put a brightly colored photo as the inset on the box, and also took the liberty of making the product title awfully colorful to suggest the screen can do the same.

Does it work with the changeable frames from my BOC… I wish Woot would have those. I need to start selling everything I get in my BOCs instead of hanging onto them hoping I can join them with other offers.

Pretty good deal, was selling it for $70 just the other day (and that was supposedly a bargain at that price).
I need one of these as my old 6" fried out, so I’m in.

Can anyone confirm this does NOT have a remote?

Also, any techies here to tell us the implications of the aspect ratio of this product. How will the display be impacted? Educate us!!

I saw that too, but seems is no longer selling this product anymore… shows it at $129 original and is selling it for $79. If the quality is decent then this is a steal.

This pattern of (1) offering it cheap, then (2) Woot selling it even cheaper is definitely not new (presumably buying out the rest of the stock from, i.e., $20 cheaper for this.

LOL… a photo frame that only does black and white?! That would be unique indeed.

While Woot sometimes gets dated or limited products, Woot would never sink that low.

That would be like Woot selling black and white LCD flat panel televisions, if such a thing even exists on the retail market. (I have seen $19.95 portable B & W CRT TVS at Walgreens from time to time.)

If you have a newer camera that takes 16:9 photos (the shape used by HDTV), the photo will fill the entire frame. If your photo is a regular 6"x4" (16:10.6) or anything besides 16:9, then you have several options: 1) Crop out parts of the image to make it fit; 2) Stretch the photo to fill the frame (thus distorting it); or 3) Put black bars to fill the parts where there is no photo.

It’s the same decision you have to make when viewing an old TV show on a newer HD TV. I, for one, don’t have any 16:9 photos so I prefer an older style frame.

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Creative Ideas For Digital Picture Frames

Can you cycle through the photos without the slideshow option?

I am curious about turning it into a comic book viewer.

Ding ling a ling, ding ling a ling - I KNOW it’s Halloween but … there is ANOTHER holiday coming and I beg to differ that this is the same as a tie. For anyone with new family additions, this makes a trifecta if the cameras and camcorders were also bought (or will be bought - hint hint). This could be 24/7 digital obsession of capturing and displaying baby’s every move!

Themed displays are fun too - for people wanting this Deal or people not using their currently owed frames. For Halloween, dig through your Mac :wink: or PC and collect Halloween shots from years gone by and play them all in random order for fond memories - or reliving embarassing moments. Same applies to football parties, etc. etc.

Can these be used as video screens? Every time I see them in the store, I think of using them for different purposes, like a Ben Heck style portable game console.

Does it supports Mac iPhoto? Or photos should be added manually as jpg files?

Actually I don’t own even one digital photo frame yet. I’d like to buy some, but the quality/specs of ALL OF THEM are so poor that I’m still waiting for something better.

800 x 480 resolution with a contrast ratio of 300? Really? Give me a break! That is CRAP!

Come on manufacturers. Put out some good photo frames.

Wouldn’t you have to SEE it before making that pronouncement?

It would be a very niche market, but a dedicated B&W LCD could potentially be very good… all they would have to focus on is contrast and dynamic range. It probably wouldn’t happen… maybe one that worked like digital paper but with an extremely finely graduated gray scale. Oooo… I would hang that on my wall :slight_smile:

There are uses for digital photo frames for things other than showing photos.

I use a digital photo frame for listing specials in a resale store. In theory, a high contrast monochrome display could be used for this. Marketing types have tested monochrome, and color works better for this application.

There isn’t a big enough market for monochrome displays, to justify making them, since they aren’t much cheaper to make than color ones. So we’re safe from B&W frames at Woot, unless someone develops very low cost B&W display hardware.

Video of product: