Memorex 3' High Speed HDMI Cable – 2 pack

I picked up some of the 12’ Memorex awhile back (another 2 for Tuesday). I bought three packs, so six total, and they’ve served me well! I would say these are pretty good, but the length would be the only killer - or reason to get these.

3’??? I’m pretty sure that is next to useless.

Thankfully these are the high speed variety so you can watch all the Jersey Shore you wish. Had they been the low speed variety, the only thing that would come through clearly would be re-runs of The Golden Girls.

3 feet? That’s not very long for an HDMI cord…

I think the Panasonic 25’ cable woot had a couple months ago for $8 was a much better deal.

Meh, I have enough HDMI cables, extenders, elbows, knees… What would interest me is an awesome cord keeper/organizer… Zip ties will only get you so far.

Too short

Good for connecting upconvert dvd to tv?

These are HDMI 1.4s so can be used on 3D TVs… most others you see sold are 1.3s which can not be used on 3D TVs… the more you know…

HDMI 1.4 is the next-to-newest. The ONLY thing it doesn’t support is 3D @ 1080p 60 Hz. It does support the lower-res versions of 3D.

You can see for yourself on Wikipedia.

And, yes, (someone’s gonna ask): it puts the sound and the picture through the same cable; all HDMI cables do.

go to

bigger selection; better prices for one with som elength

Are these relatively flexible, or stiff?


If you are planning to use double-sided tape to stick an Apple TV to the back of your flatscreen, this is the cable for you. Otherwise, I’d say pass on this one.

shame on you!

monoprice has better deal

According to Wikipedia, the 1.4 version has the ethernet pins connected up. Nifty!

Minor pet peeve: It should be “said my peace” and not piece. Saying that, of course, means I’m just tempting Muphry’s Law: Muphry's law - Wikipedia

Nah, too easy!

Perfect, as long as you only need 3 feet, and your DVD has an HDMI output.

too small…they had longer ones of the same a wnile back

You know, I like my women like I like these Memorex HDMI cables - in pairs, and with gold-plated tips.