Memorex 3’ High Speed HDMI Cable

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Memorex 3’ High Speed HDMI Cable
$1.49 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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3’ really is the perfect size IMO. I wish i didnt already own waay too many 6’ cables


So, does the mailman give me a hug? Because $5 shipping for a <$2 item… …

Isn’t this cheaper than when it was offered earlier in the Woot Off?

Shipping kills the deal.

I was wondering if a woot off was coming up.

And I really needed two HDMI cables. I was going to get one at one of the Marts, but at 12 dollars, I passed.

Have the price and I dont even have to leave the house…

Yaaa meeeeeeeee

How do these compare to Monster Cable? [/troll]

I’m just glad it comes with a cable organization kit. Those 3’ cables can be a bear to deal with at times…

I dont know about some folks, but Ill pay more in gas to drive to the store to get one of these than what the standard shipping costs.

And this is a deal of buying two or three is the way to go.

it doesn’t kill the deal. They are $10 on amazon with $5 shipping. $15 total. This is 50% off.

Earlier was a 2-pack for $4. So, if you bought 3, they would have been $2.83 each, these are $3.16 each (both prices including shipping). They go for $8 on Amazon, so a good deal.

Edited to fix my stupid math.

3 foot is what I’ve been looking for. I just hooked up a couple TVs with 6 foot cables and it looks like a rat’s nest … I needed two but got three … one step closer to the Blue Oyster Cult

You obviously have no idea how much HDMI cables cost.

If you just buy one of these, sure, it’s not much of a deal (this cable is minimum $15 shipped from Amazon, but you can get generic brands for $5-8 shipped). Buy 3? That’s ~$3.16 each, and that’s a nice deal.

If only i need any short HDMI cables

I’m starting to think that following the woot-off on my android phone is not worth it. :frowning:

Spot on … 70% understand the art of a deal and bought 3!

HDMI cables are like Tribbles in the woot! offices. They just keep multiplying and they cannot get rid of them.

In for 3. and even with shipping still costs far less than driving to the store for just 1

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I’ve watched and bought in the last two Woot-offs on my DROID Pro …