Memorex 4GB Media Player

hmm is this ok?

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Memorex 4GB Media Player
$23.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: new

Product List:

  • 1 Memorex MMP8585C 4GB MP3 Video Photo Player

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not allowed to buy this one either i guess

does it work with roomba?

crappy mccrapperson

Would it be too much to ask for RockBox compatibility?

I bought 2 for gifts. One never worked. The other broke within days. Customer support told me I was “using them wrong”. I’m a Nuclear engineer.



Just what we need ANOTHER iPod want to be…

i seriously need some chevy venture headlights, for about $35 + 5 shipping? :slight_smile:


Memorex just remember the X

only if you have a forever flashlight.

wow. walt disney just got me again. mean left hook.

HAHA! great!

BEWARE!!! This one won’t play your OGG Vorbis files!!! You will have to use illegal file formats and violate patent law to use this!!! NOT WORTH IT!

Actually a pretty good item- but I won’t be buying from this wootoff unless there is an Asus eee PC 1005ha-p

I am beginning to understand why it is rare to be able to get a boc when they are offered. I have used a ‘woot watcher’ today to get some idea of when an item will end, etc. And numerous times i see thru the community page that a new item is up for bids and yet my woot page is still showing sold out for the prior item. Also the ‘woot watcher’ shows a new item for 20 to 40 or more seconds and my regular woot page still shows the last item and the sold out listing. There is something wrong here. Does anyone else have the same experience?

Should’ve been an electrical engineer.