Memorex 6-foot HDMI Cable – 2 Pack

insert in depth analysis of hdmi cables and how perfect 6ft length is

Nice, Ties and color labels too?

If only I had an excuse to buy more HDMI cables.

It looks like these are mini HDMI on one end, or am I hallucinating?

I think your depth perception is a little off today…

In for two…four?

I think it is an optical illusion. They look like normal cables to me.

Yup, hallucinating… :slight_smile:

Don’t fret…they have medication for your condition.

What version are they? 2.0? 1.2?

I bought 4 of the 3 foot variety from Woot and they work great. The ends are sturdy, and the cable ties kept me from having to dig around looking for my own when it came time to make everything look neat.

Hey, while we’re all waiting (endlessly) for people in Utah to buy extra hdmi cables…does anyone want to trade a smiley-face caped w00t monkey for a yellow-caped one?

The description says v1.4. Also, there isn’t an HDMI 2.0 so I’m not sure what you’re even talking about.

In for 1 (or is it 2?)

Bought the 3’ a few months back. Good quality, and I’m sure the extra reach on these will be a big help.

I’m just a caveman (with multiple wives), your modern signal relay technology frightens and confuses me.

I bought one though.

In for 2

I would love to have some of that Coffee your Drinking , And you said the Brand name is ??/ lmao lol.

This is a great deal.

My previous statement is false.

come on people - most of us dont have a dozen hdmi cables - go for it! i want to see whats next…

Darn it. I studied the photo carefully before buying, and it definitely looked like mini on one end. These are useless to me. Anyone want mine?