Memorex 6-foot HDMI Cable



Feeling flush after my BOC so in for 3.

You can get longer ones cheaper and with lower shipping costs.


cheaper and better quality on monoprice or meritline and many other sites

Buy cables at monoprice imo

Agree longer cheaper elsewhere. This is trash

that’s what she said

I cant wait til my friend comes over… then I can get off-line and do something worth my time.
So much dumb stuff today. UHHG.


Is it just me, or do you see HDMI cables becoming a lot like RCA cables… in that you end up having a big box of them that you never use??? I just went through re-setting up my entertainment center, and realized I have a spare HDMI cable. This thought occurred to me as I placed it in the box along side some 5-6 unused RCA cables. heh.

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what’s a tweet?

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Most of the items sold on woot offs are trash. It is brilliant business. They push the crap no one else wants and forces you to buy it. How else are you going to see the next terrible product? Woot offs are worthless.

So snatch up them leak frogs, suckers. Because there is a reason most of this crap is on woot.

So, is it live?

Tweet Tweet Tweet…

Right, because everyone knows here that quality of the cable is suspect when it’s certified HDMI v1.4a. It doesn’t have to meet any minimum criteria . . .

Price might be cheaper else where, but quality is equivalent. Everyone should buy 3, just to move the Woot-off along.