Memorex 8 GB USB Thumb Drive

Happily paid $30 AR for this a couple years ago. It is very fast and reliable.

Good price, good quality, but a little bulky by current standards.

I always glance at the title and price before picture. I was totally in, but the shape and the fact it’s not flash storage changed my mind for me. I’ve got a bunch of various sizes of flash drives, and from the looks of it they’re all the same size as the pivoting usb connector on this so I’d rather stick with what has worked.

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For people who aren’t aware, this uses a microdrive (compact flash sized hard drive) instead of flash memory. Read: It’s going to be a bit more fragile and sudden drops/hits may cause it to stop functioning. Then again, excellent price per GB for a portable USB drive so it’s pretty worth it.

But for it being a 8gb at 7.99 its a good deal.

Ignoring the craptastic price on Amazone ($130+) these guys have it new for $26.69

Sure, its a little big, but the price is small… and isn’t that what counts?

Generally, I’ve had good success with Memorex drives.

Cause its a little mini HD. Not a flash thumb drive.

Well, that explains the shape then. Also explains why it was listed as thumb drive instead of flash drive, I suppose. I was too annoyed by the shape to read through the text before posting here.

HOW durable is the pull-out USB mechanism/part? I’d worry about it break after repeated use or if it was accidentally out when I put it away into my backpack…

mm not so hot reviews over at amazon, a lot of reliability issues it seams.

Also its priced at $189.99? Perhaps that’s a slightly higher model, but from what i can tell its fairly the same.

Reviews + Price =

I’ve got an old 4Gb thumb drive that is wide and flat like this. I was told it has a small disk drive in it. Is that the case with this one? (Edit: Nevermind, already answered above - it’s a small disk drive.)

I don’t get it! What is the point of using this?

If I understand correctly, it has an actual spinning hard drive inside? That means moving parts. That means higher chance of data loss and rigid environment risks?

For a few bucks more you can get a similar capacity flash drive that is solid state, smaller and more portable, eats less energy, etc…

So to sum it all up:
Can someone give me a reason to buy this over a flash drive (other than $7 price difference)?

its not a flash drive for the last time…

i have another portable hard drive and i like it better than my flash drive because it is bigger. flash drives are so small now its so easy to lose them. too bad this came out 2 weeks after i bought a 4 GB one for 7$ and i’ve heard theese new HDD are very sturdy. we’ll see how long mine lasts

ps, wat is considered portable these days? i mean really, is a 2 inch square piece of plastic any better than a 1 X .5 inch one?

product website.


How do the transfer speeds compare between this and a flash drive?

I think you nailed it with the $7 price.

Site w/ manual

What is the data transfer rate of a Thumb Drive when compaired to a Flash drive? Faster? Slower? or same?

It’s half to one-third the price of an 8gb flash-based drive. For that, you’ll have something just as fast, but more fragile and larger in size. Treat it well (no g-forces) and it will probably last for years of light use.
MP3 players used to have these microdrives (a few still do), and they are more prone to failure if dropped. But capacity per dollar is hard to beat, just like the 3.5" drive in your desktop or the 2.5" drive in your laptop. These are about 1" square, and a proven technology.